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Earrings Perler Beads Idea

Earrings Perler Beads Idea #diyearrings

Every girl loves her jewelry. The fact is that there are never enough of unique earrings to wear, are there? If you think the same, we may know a way of how you can deal with the issue. All you need is a nice design in mind and a set of perler beads. As you can see the outcome is an exquisite set of earrings!

Source: perlerias via Instagram

Mario 1-up Perler Beads Idea

Mario 1-up Perler Beads Idea #mariopattern

If you are a devoted Mario fan, then you certainly need to create this design. Using Mario perler beads and a few your skills, you can succeed with the creation of such a cure Mario design.

Source: salt_pixie_perlercraft via Instagram

Star Wars Perler Beads Craft

Star Wars Perler Beads Craft #starwarsperlerbeads

There are also star wars perler beads ideas for those who know every episode by heart. You can create your warriors the way you know them, or you can use your imagination and add some moves to their serious figures.

Source: perlerias via Instagram

Earphones Holder Craft Idea

Headphones Holder Craft Idea #heasphonesholder

Perler beads designs can be not only nice to look at but also quite useful in the household. How many times have you had to disentangle your headphones? We bet – lots! A nice perler bead earphones holder will ensure that this will never happen again!

Source: aze.pixeles via Instagram

Perler Beads Wreath Idea

Perler Beads Wreath Idea #diywreath

There are many decorative elements that you can create with the help of something as simple and affordable as Perler beads. For instance, a lovely perler bead door wreath will add special charm to your home décor no matter the occasion.

Source: perlerias via Instagram

Cactus Perler Art

Cactus Perler Art #cactuscraft

It seems that perler art has a limitless range of ideas to experiment with, and that is true. If you think that a real plant is something that you cannot afford, then a sweet perler cactus is precisely what you need.

Source: bloombeads4u via Instagram

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