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Perler Beads Art Lesson

Perler Beads Art Lesson #perlerartlesson

In case you have never heard about Perler beads, or you have no clue how to use them, we have it covered for you! The process is very simple and joyful. All you need to do is to:

  • Get a set of perler beads and a pegboard.
  • Choose the design or pattern you want to create.
  • Arrange the beads on the board so that they form the pattern.
  • Turn the iron on.
  • Put some wax paper over the design.
  • Use the iron to melt the Perler beads together.
  • Flip the design and iron the other side for the best effect.
  • Put the design on a flat surface and place something heavy on it.
  • Let it cool off.
  • Done!

Source: elzamp40 via Instagram

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