You might think it is a very tough job to cut down the groceries budget to save some money by the end of the month. If your monthly expenditure on groceries is around $500, you might be shocked to learn that there are many people who manage to keep the budget within $250.


You don't believe that you can save money on groceries? It is definitely possible, and it does not require you to refuse from all your favorite foods. Your family can still consume the qualitative food. All you need to do is to shop smart and prepare a detailed plan. Here are some useful tips that explain how to save money on groceries by getting more creative.

1. Cook From Scratch

When you cook, you can add various beneficial products to your dishes, such as apple cider vinegar, flavoring and herbs. And ready to cook stuff is not necessarily to your taste. Besides, buying the ready to cook stuff is always helpful to save your valuable time but, unfortunately, it costs you a lot. So, the idea is to start cooking from scratch. This might take a bit of your time but, at the end of the day, you will realize that you and your family have consumed quality foods. Another helpful tip on that is to cook in large quantities and save it in the freezer. You can apply the same logic to baking, as well. Try preparing biscuits, rolls, and bread.

Also, do not buy the pre-packaged food, if your kid is fond of those types of food. Rather cook something similar, and it would be healthier, as well.


2. Don’t Be Brand Specific

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Don’t limit yourself to a specific brand; rather be open-minded and try all of them. Coupon is a very useful way to save great amount of money on groceries. If your preferred brand is offering something at $1 but you can get that at a lower cost from other brands using coupon, go for it. If you are thinking how to save money on groceries, then these are the things that you need to follow.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is always beneficial. So, try to buy the groceries for a month at a time. Buying a small amount will cost you more. But this is applicable only for things that can be stored for longer time. For example, you can buy rice, flour, cheese, etc. in a big amount, but things like milk can’t be bought in a great amount.


4. Make a Plan

This is most probably the first and foremost step to save some money on your monthly grocery shopping. If you go shopping without making any list, naturally, you will end up buying a lot of extra things. Moreover, you will also notice that there were many necessary things that you forgot to buy. This is very natural and happens very frequently with all of us. So, next time you go shopping, the suggestion is to sit with your husband and make a list of the things that you need to buy. This way you can save a great amount of money on the groceries.

5. Learn to Do Things Without

Want to know how to save money on groceries? Then you have to learn to do things without. This step might be a bit difficult at the beginning but, eventually, things will become easier. Here are some examples of how to maintain grocery shopping budget by choosing to do without.

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  • Cheese is a bit expensive product, and it will require you to spend a great part of the budget on it. But if you can learn to cook things without it, it will be a great relief for the grocery budget. Undoubtedly, the addition of cheese makes food tastier but do not make a habit of having it daily - rather buy it in a small amount and let your family eat it occasionally.
  • A sandwich can be made without cheese. You can prepare it by using just lettuce and meat. If meat is added, then skip cheese, or else just add cheese and lettuce, no need to add meat.
  • You can also save a huge amount of money on meat cuts. Try avoiding the expensive cut such as bacon and steaks. Look for other varieties and you will definitely find a lot.
  • Don’t buy too many snacks. Too many snacks will cost you a lot and, at the same time, this is not good for your health. However, you can have things like nuts, raisin, energy bites, etc. in the list.

One of the best parts about learning to do without is that the things you have avoided will bring you so much pleasure the moment you taste them again.


6. Get a Price List

This step might require you to spend a bit more time and effort but, as a result, you can save a huge amount of money. The key is to follow this step properly. Find out which store is offering a discount and which one has the lowest price at a certain time. Also, you can stock up things when the price of an item goes down, of course, if that can be stored for some time.

So, these are the helpful tips that will help you to save a great amount of money by keeping the grocery shopping on a budget. While these steps might be helpful for you, some foodie people may find it frustrating. But, believe me, though it is a bit tough to start following the tips, you will really find it helpful at the end of month when there will be more money at hand.

Just a little bit of planning, spending some more time in the kitchen, shopping effectively, and you are all set to save great money on groceries.