Do you know how to apply eyeliner quickly and make it look as if a professional artist worked on it? Despite the fact that it is not a secret that eyeliner is definitely the hardest makeup part to pull off, our tips and tricks will certainly change your makeup game or will help you to save some time in the morning while getting ready.


Eyeliner is a crucial part of any makeup look. Can you imagine a makeup look without a tiniest bit of emphasizing your eyes? Even the slightest stripe of smudged liner may drastically change your look. Loads of celebs adore eyeliners in different variations, starting from Adele with her fierce winged liner up to Kim Kardashian who always adds light brown smudged liner to her natural makeup. Look through what we have prepared.

How to Choose Easiest Eyeliner to Apply

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There are various types of eyeliners and all of them have pros and cons. All the makeup artists use gel eye liner. It comes in pots and is used with a brush. Gel liners give you the possibility to make precise lines quickly, but they also dry out super fast and you won’t be able to correct your mistakes.

The best eyeliner types for beginners are liquid or pencil. They will help you to create a thin line perfect for daytime makeup. The ones that came with a felt time remind a marker and are easy to control when you are a beginner. The only drawback is that you have to wait just a bit longer for them to dry out.


How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

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One of the biggest mistakes made while applying eyeliner is a thick line, which makes you look as though you have no eyelashes. Try to make your line as thin as possible. In fact, the more lid space you have, the thicker the line can be. But you should do this with your eye open. Otherwise you will look like a panda with that thick liner covering all your lid space.

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One more annoying mistake you still can see on a bunch of women is a black waterline. This is so last century. Moreover, it creates an allusion of smaller eyes. Who would willingly do that? In addition to this it looks like your eyelashes are separated from your eyes, which is super weird. The best decision foe your waterline is a white or beige liner that makes your eyes visually bigger and open up.

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A great tip for the lovers of pencil eyeliners. Never leave your line straight and defined. Smudged line is the best for pencil liners. Use a brush or a sponge to blend your eyeliner.

If you want a nice smoky effect, gel and pencil liner are a great combo to help you do this. To start with, create a winged eye with your gel liner. For the bottom part use pencil liner for water line and lower lash line. Smudge your lower lash line with a brush. This is what creates a smoky look and makes your lashes look more voluminous. Never settle up with only waterline.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

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The first rule of eyeliner application is good lightning and a good magnifying mirror. It may sound like an obvious stuff but a lot of women neglect it. Having a really close look will definitely help you to nail the liner than doing it in front of a bathroom mirror usually with bad lightning.

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One more crucial rule is creating a perfect angle to draw the eyeliner. And this is by putting your mirror lower so that you can look down and not straight. This is a tried and tested stuff that actually works in practice.

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One more crucial rule is creating a perfect angle to draw the eyeliner. And this is by putting your mirror lower so that you can look down and not straight. This is a tried and tested stuff that actually works in practice.

Be careful with our next rule. And this is using two hands when applying eyeliner. So basically, you draw your line with one hand while the other one is pulling away your lid. This helps especially well when you have some wrinkles in that area. But don’t get carried away with that. Pulling your eyelid away too hard can distort your eyeliner.


How to Put on Eyeliner for Beginners

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A great hack for drawing a winged eye is using pencil liner before the liquid one. Basically, you create a template using a pencil liner. After this, you go over this template with liquid liner. Using this two step approach for winged liner helps you not to mess up. Yes, it takes more time. But if you are a newbie, it will save your life.

Professional makeup artists recommend practicing a lot. And by a lot we literally mean day and night. You have to try twenty four seven if you want to master this art and create the most perfect winged eye liners every day. All the time spent on practicing is definitely worth it once you get good at it.

There is a nice trick makeup artists use and you may use it at home. They take concealer or primer and a small detailed brush to correct mistakes when something is messed up. Forget about makeup remover. It may make things even worse. It contains oils which will ruin your liner. A primer or a concealer ensure that the eyeliner will be sharp and won’t be ruined by water.

How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional

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To begin with, prime eyelids with eye shadow primer and then set it with powder. This technique makes your eyelids not oily, which makes eyeliner application slightly easier and makes your liner survive all day.

One more tip for correcting mistakes. Never in your life should you erase all your hard work in case you have a tiny smudge. Here a q-tip with Vaseline or a wet wipe will come in handy and save you from a fail. Once you erased your smudge, cover it with a concealer.


Easy Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

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Once you are done with your liner, you may set it with a black eye shadow in case you have some doubts in its longevity. Gel liners do not require this additional step as they can literally survive a zombie apocalypse. But if you use any other type of eyeliner and know that a long day or night is ahead of you, take this additional step.

Watching YouTube tutorials and reading about them online surely helps, but is not the main thing. Start practicing and experimenting. You can figure out what is the best for you only by experimenting. Try out different angles and thickness. Sometimes it turns out that the things you had doubts in work perfectly for you.

FAQ: How To Apply Eyeliner

Should eyeliner go on top or bottom?

For a more lifted, young look, keep the liner on the top lid. Try to put a lighter color on the bottom lash line rather than on the top lash line if you really want to go for it. This will still define your shape, but it will look softer and more appealing.

Is it OK to wear eyeliner only on the bottom?

If you smudge too far down, it will age you, and if you don’t have the correct instruments for applying to the water line, it will irritate your eyes. So, it’s best to avoid using liquid liner on the bottom lashes since it can smudge into tiny lines beneath the eyes or seem harsh because it’s not easy to smudge correctly.

Does bottom eyeliner make eyes smaller?

Despite what you may have heard, applying black eyeliner on your bottom waterline is not a good idea since it might actually make your eyes look smaller. Better use your favorite eyeliner just below your bottom lashes to help your eyes appear larger.