The big day is getting closer and closer! Time to start thinking about your Christmas makeup look! If you want to rock your favorite eyeshadows and lipsticks at a party but aren't sure which look to go for, in this article, I’ll talk you through some of the best makeup looks for festive fun. From subtle neutrals to bold glitters to vibrant tones, there’s something for everyone …


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Magic Silver Shimmering

Magic Silver Shimmering

A silver eyeshadow look gives a festive feel while still feeling soft and wearable. You can make the look feel even less intimidating by pairing your silver lids with a more natural and barely-there makeup look.

Start with a hydrating and glowy foundation, then use neutral tones of warm bronzer and rosy blush to add structure to your face. A subtle dab of cream highlighter can help make the look feel party-appropriate without veering into ‘disco ball’ territory.

A bushy, brushed up brow can help make this look feel more youthful and cool. Apply a pomade, then use a spoolie to brush your brows upwards and outwards. Complete this look with a nude lip liner and a dab of shimmery gloss.


Bold Bronze Effulgence

A warm bronze eye look is an everyday staple, but it can easily be amped up for a Christmas party with just a few easy steps.

You’ll want the rest of your makeup to look particularly polished to compliment the glamorous eyeshadow. Apply a full coverage foundation and concealer, then blend with a damp sponge for a flawless, yet natural, finish.

Choose cheek colors that reflect the bronze tones on your eyes - a warm bronzer and a tawny or peach-based blush. For the lips, a tinted balm or gloss will look glam, but allow your eyes to be the star of the show.

Neutral Christmas Makeup Glow

Using more natural colors for your festive makeup can still have a dramatic impact. It’s all about how you apply!

A good quality neutral eyeshadow palette should have all you need for a sculpted and bold Christmas makeup. Begin by building up the shadow in your crease, using a medium brown shade on a fluffy brush. You can then use a more precise brush to add a deeper brown color in the crease.

Use the same medium brown color to add some shadow under your eyes, then pair with lots of black mascara or even some individual false lashes. You’ll want your face contour to be as bold as your eye, so pack it on under your cheekbone for a chiseled finish.


Purple Princess Fairy Tale

Purple eyeshadow is a great Christmas makeup option, as its bolder than a neutral, but not overly bright or brash. It also looks great with other festive jewel tones.

To make a purple eyeshadow look more sophisticated, it’s all about product placement. Use a shimmery neutral tone across your mobile eyelid, then build up the purple color in the crease and under the eye. This looks more glamorous than a fully purple eyeshadow look, plus it enhances the eye shape and makes it look bigger.

Purple eye looks are beautiful complimented by fluffy brows and a festive white manicure. Finish the look with a warm, pink lip gloss to add some sex appeal.

Old Hollywood Look

Taking your inspiration from vintage glamor is never a bad idea, and it feels particularly appropriate over the Christmas period. After all, if there’s a time to go all out, the holidays have to be it, right?

This bold look emphasizes both the eyes and the lips, so you’ll want to start by keeping your base fairly natural. This will help ground the look and prevent it from feeling too much like a costume.

Cool neutral tones help enhance the eyes without introducing any bold colors. Use a shimmery taupe shade on the lid and a deeper matte mink brown in the crease for drama and definition. This is definitely the time to try out some fake lashes, too.

For the lips, you’ll want to look for a deep, retro red. First, use a liner to define the pout, ensuring you are extra precise around the cupid's bow. A liquid lipstick can be a better choice than a traditional bullet to ensure extra longevity.


Pretty Christmas Makeup in Pink Tones

You may not consider pink to be a particularly festive color, but this fun and flirty Christmas makeup is ideal for any holiday party. A bold pink eyeshadow look is both girly and fashion-forward.

To ensure your eyeshadow looks perfect all night long, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly priming the lid. Then, use a fluffy brush to apply a warm, coral pink across the lid and into the crease. Complete the eye look with a light, shimmery peach highlight on the brow bone and the inner corner.

Double up on the pink vibes by operating for a bubblegum-toned pout, too. A glossy stain is the best way to achieve a high shine yet long lasting look. Top up with a clear balm throughout the night to keep things looking kissable.

Glamourous Christmas Glitter

Christmas is one of the most socially acceptable times of year to bring out the glitter, so why not embrace it and have some fun with your makeup? A high-shine, metallic look is a guaranteed holiday showstopper and doesn’t actually require too much effort to pull off.

Getting a glitter look right all depends on you having the right product. A high-quality, eye-safe glitter gel should be easy to apply, last all night, and, most importantly, look dramatic and glamorous. Choose a holographic silvery tone for a winter wonderland vibe.

Use a fine-angled brush to apply your glitter gel through your eyebrows, and in a dramatic winged line above your eyelid’s natural crease. You can also apply the glitter in a more diffuse style in the eye’s inner and outer corners. Finish the look with a sheer nude lipstick and let your eyes do the talking.

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Gold Medal Christmas Luxury

Metallic golden finishes always look luxurious and expensive, making them a perfect accompaniment to a festive event. Pairing gold eyes with red lips makes a supremely glamorous statement that’ll attract plenty of attention.

For the eyes, a golden glitter gel is the easiest way to achieve a glistening, reflective finish. You can dab the product on using your fingers to target the application for an opaque finish. Pair with a subtle winged liner on the upper and lower lash line, which helps add definition and a ‘come hither’ vibe.

Opting for a warmer, more orange-toned red on the lips gives the traditional red pout a modern twist. Use a matte lipstick and blot in between reapplications to help meld the color with your lips for maximum staying power.

Jewel Christmas Tones

Jewel Christmas Tones

Christmas is the time to embrace opulence and elegance, and choosing contrasting jewel tones for your makeup is the perfect way to do it. This look pairs a warm golden topaz on the eye with a rich ruby red on the lip for a look that feels as glamorous as a piece of expensive jewelry.

Build your eye look around some super shimmery inner corners. Apply your metallic yellow shadow here, then blend it outwards over the lid. You can apply some golden glitter over the top to up the ante.

For these lips, a deep red stain is the way to go. Apply it all over your pout, then blot to ensure it’s set in place. Choose a shimmery lip gloss with a gold reflect over the top to tie the eye and lip look together!


As you can see, this year glitter, golden & silver shades, and bright lips remain on trend. But don’t be afraid to choose neutral Christmas makeup palette, either - with the right product application you can look equally as show-stopping!