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Cheerful Polka Dots

Source: sensationails4u via Instagram, itsallaboutpolish via Instagram, nailsbyjema via Instagram

Cheerful Polka Dots picture1

Cheerful Polka Dots picture2
Cheerful Polka Dots picture3

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

Colorful Nails With Polka Dots Pattern #polkadotsnails #colorfulnails

Chocolate Rabbit Nail Art With Polka Dots Pattern #polkadotsnails #easterrabbitnails
Bright Yellow Chicken Nails With Polka Dots #polkadotsnails #chickennails #yellownails

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If you still need another way how to rock your nails on Easter Sunday without eggs and rabbits and looking for something cheerful and simple we suggest trying polka dots designs. As you can see above it’s can be embodied in any colors. Be brave and mix colors of your mood to get an impressive look!

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