How to Choose the Best Winter Coats for Women

Top Winter Coats For Women

Before we know it, winter will be upon as and that means it’s time to think about a new stylish winter coat. A winter coat is one of the key components of your winter wardrobe. An elegant winter coat can express your mood or add flair to your outfit on days you don’t feel like overdressing. Winter coats for women can be both practical and stylish.


Remember, womens winter coats can help you make a great first impression. Plus you will wear it repeatedly during the winter season. In the following article we will discuss some essentials points on how to choose the best winter coats for women this coming season.

Newest Winter Coats Designs

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So how do you choose the best coat for you? Styles will vary by person as we all have different sense of style, comfort levels and lifestyles. A big factor is your budget. Do you want to have multiple coats for various occasions or just one practical yet stylish coat for all events and purposes?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when selecting the perfect winter coats for women to suit your individual style.


Am I Willing To Spend More For Quality?

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If you want a coat that will last you for more than one season, it is worth spending a little more money. If you want to have a few fashionable coats you can go with a lesser quality. However if you want your winter coat to last for several seasons, you should invest in a higher quality coat. A high quality coat will have a stronger stitching and lining and be designed of sturdy materials.


Do I Want A Trendy Or Timeless Look?

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A trendy coat that is all the rage that season will be more expensive. If you are on a strict budget, you might want to invest in a classic timeless look that can also last for several seasons if need be.


Do I Want To Blend In? Or Make A Statement?

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A black or neutral colored coat is always a good idea, however, you may want to have a variety of color combinations. If you want to add some flair to your wardrobe, a red coat always makes a statement. There are also some gorgeous plaid or fur (faux or real) winter coats for women. You can express your personality through your choice of coat. If you want a basic color or black coat for everyday wear, perhaps purchase a bolder color to make a statement when you go out on the town.

If you wish to make a statement with a more practical neutral coat, you can always dress it up with a stylish hat, colorful scarf or even a gorgeous pair of statement earrings. There are plenty of ways to add flair to your everyday look.


What Thickness Would I Like?

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Do you live in colder environments? are you the type that gets cold very easily? Do you have a long outdoor commute? Or will you be in a car, bus or train the most of the time?

If you will be a heated environment for the majority of the time you will be wearing the coat, you will want a more lightweight coat. However, if you are exposed to the elements, you will want a thicker, heavier coat to keep you warm.

What Will Be The Main Function Of My Winter Coat?

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Do you need a practical winter coat? Are you going to be sitting down while wearing it? Commuting on train or bus? Perhaps biking? Is this coat mainly for work or social outings?

It is important to consider the main purpose of your coat. It needs to be both comfortable and functional (and stylish is always a plus!). You also need to consider if you will be wearing light or heavyweight clothes such as jackets or sweaters underneath your coat. You need to remember to account for bulky clothes when you are purchasing your winter coat.

Styles Of Winter Coats For Women

Trench Coats

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Classic trench coats will never go out of style. They are considered a fashionable wardrobe essential. They are both feminine and chic, and very practical as well. A well-tailed trench coats that fits you perfectly does not need much embellishment. However, a belt is always a must with a timeless trench coat.


Short Coats

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A short coat can be both hip and practical. If you chose a shorter coat with a moderately tailored look or perhaps a asymmetrical flair, it can add some pizzazz to your everyday wardrobe.

Long Coat

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Obviously a longer coat will look better on tall woman. Longer coats are currently all the rage. With a slightly tailored waist, they create a long and slim look.

Belted Coats

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A belted coat is extremely comfortable and chic. They can help enhance and flatter your figure. Women who are not quite as slender might want to opt for tailed coat without a belt so as not to add any additional bulk.


Leather Coats

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Leather coats are always a good choice. They can help dress up a classic outfit to give it a more edgy look or even make it seem a bit more casual. A good lightweight leather coat can be worn both indoors and out, during the slightly warmer winter or fall days.


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Parkas are very handy for weekend adventures and outings and are a great way to keep warm on bitter cold winter days. However, remember that an especially thick parka will add extra bulk so you might want to opt for a practical parka that is more flattering and tailored at the waist.

Additional Tips For Selecting The Best Winter Coats For Women

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  1. Make that there is enough room in the armholes.
  2. Coats that are full arm lengths should cover your wrists.
  3. Bucker, zlp etc the coat completely to ensure that doesn't feel tight. Move around to ensure that it fits comfortably.
  4. Make sure your coat fits in the shoulders and hangs straight and not crooked
  5. Ensure that the hems are even and the pockets, pleats, etc, lie completely flat.