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Bohemian Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Half-Up Half-Down Bohemian Hairstyle  #halfuphalfdownhair
Half Up Half Down Hairstyle For Long Hair

Ponytail With Side Braid #sidebraid #ponytail

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Half Up Half Down Hair With Halo Braids #halobraids

Long Braid Bohemian Hairstyle #braidedhairstyle
Braided Hairstyle For Bohemian Style

Long hair is a fantastic canvas for bohemian masterpieces! Charming messy braids and unbelievably voluminous waves are two simple details that can turn you into a boho-queen. In fact, bohemian styles are meant to reveal your creativity. And once you set it into motion, you can rock your days with totally unique looks. Full side fishtail braids transforming into ponytails, braided crowns with waves falling on the shoulders are only the beginning! Don’t forget to mix several braiding techniques at once, and unforgettable hair looks will be yours.

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