What tattoo trends do you know? Which ones have crashed the world with their creativity and beauty? We have answers and one of it is an arrow tattoo. If you are here, we bet that it has captured your attention. There are so many different tattoo ideas that will make your heart beat faster. Here is our collection that we think will match any preferences and inspire every person who desires to have such a tattoo. Tell us what you think after.


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Arrow Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism


If you are here to get some inspiration, you might already know what arrow tattoos are about. There are so many symbols and meanings that you may get lost while choosing one for yourself. We have made a list that will make the process easier for you. Which one has stolen your heart and is the most relevant to your fate?

  • Protection. The most popular opinion among tattoo artists is that arrow tattoos symbolize protection. In the history of Native Americans arrows where used for hunting and protection from the wild animals. This is the best explanation that you can find. If you are seeking for a sign of protection that will keep you safe wherever you are, then this is the one.
  • Friendship. If you want to show your true appreciation of the friendship this symbol should be on your body, Two crossed arrows will make a beautiful design showing your friends how much you love and care about them.
  • Positivity. Are you the most positive person that people can see always smiling and thinking everything happens for the best? If that description suits you, then an arrow tattoo is your thing. Put it on your body and show others with this tattoo that kindness and optimism are your best features.
  • Moving On. An arrow always has the direction. If that is the philosophical meaning that you would like to imply, then go on and put it onto yourself. It will show that you have the directing that you are moving forward to and nothing on your way can stop you.
  • Achievement. A lot of people who have reached the golden peaks of success wear this tattoo to mark their biggest achievements. If you feel like you are one of them, then why don`t you put on this kind of tattoo. It will be a beautiful detail with a lot of sense.
  • Love. Of course, love is here as well. You can`t have an arrow tattoo without a love meaning or symbolism. Why is it the most common association? Because there is a saying that cupid uses an arrow to put it through people`s hearts when they fall in love. If that is the meaning that you choose for your tattoo, then add some additional pieces like the heart of a flower.
  • Masculinity. We bet that you have come across a man with an arrow tattoo at least once. Why is it so popular among men? Well, because it usually shows their masculinity. It doesn`t mean that women can`t wear it, but still, they have to be acknowledged that sometimes such a tattoo stands for this symbol.


Arrow Tattoo Design With Flowers

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ vadersdye

As we have already mentioned, flowers are a superb addition to your arrow tattoo. It not only will add up to the meaning of such a tattoo but it will also make the tattoo look amazing.



Arrow Compass Tattoo Idea With Nature Theme

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ maik_marvin

An arrow compass tattoo is among original arrow tattoo designs. Add a natural theme to it and you will definitely imply what it means without people asking you every time. What do you think of that?


Half Clock Half Compass Tattoo Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ indianinctattoo

Would you like to have a few elements in your tattoo? Then we have found an amazing option for you. Combine a few things that you have in mind and make one tattoo out of them all. Doesn`t it look super unusual and extraordinary?



Watercolor Simple Compass Arrow Tattoo Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_dal

You may know that watercolor technique is the trendiest this year and we completely get why. Look how wonderful and creative these colors look. They even spice up the compass arrow tattoo.


Simple Arrow Tattoo Design For Arm

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ narrow_street_tattoo  

Do you dream about having an arrow tattoo on wrist? Your dream may come true then, if you choose this idea. We love how fantastic it looks. Minimalistic but stylish it will never go out of style.


Outline Arrow Tattoo With Lotus Flower

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ handitrip

An outline tattoo is a beautiful idea for an arrow tattoo. What is your opinion? The arrows with thin lines will look amazing on you.



World Map Tattoo Design With Compass Arrow

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ josiesexton

Are you looking for something rare and unusual? Well, this idea is among those we have described. Super creative with the world map arrow tattoo filled with colors will look fantastic.


Small Watercolor Arrow Design With Lettering

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ mini_tattooer

A lettering arrow tattoo design is a pure magic. It looks so beautiful, tender and cute that you can`t ignore this idea. If that is what truly describes your personality, then go for it.


Bow And Arrow Tattoo Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_banul

Of course an arrow is often seen with a bow cause they usually go together. Choose them two for your tattoo and you won`t regret it. Look how detailed this tattoo is.



Mechanical Arrow Tattoo Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_banul

What about a mechanical arrow? It looks like pure magic especially if designed with small colorful elements.


Geometric Arrow Tattoo For A Thigh

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_banul

Why don`t you add trendy geometrical elements to your thigh tattoo? It looks super creative and beautiful and we get why. You don`t even need to add colors to this one, it will stand out anyway.


Watercolor Arrow Tattoo With Lettering

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_banul

Add a watercolor technique to the lettering idea we have told you about. What are your thoughts on the way it looks? We consider it to be the most dreamy option among all these arrow tattoos.



Small Thigh Arrow Tattoo With Moon

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ handitrip

A little moon tattoo with an arrow will look absolutely stunning, put it on your thigh and see it yourself.


Couple Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ kayleighjane818

Infinity tattoos are super cute and romantic for those who want to share a couple tattoo. Add an arrow tattoo to make your idea more creative and you will be stunned with how it turns out.


Small Ankle Arrow Tattoo With While

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ baam.kr

Minimalistic arrow tattoos are perfect for an ankle placement. Add a whale and it will be a small idea that will make your body look amazing.



Compass Arrows Tattoo Design With Anchor

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ baam.kr

An anchor goes so well with a compass and an arrow. Why don`t you combine them all into one piece, it will be your perfect idea, in our opinion, to symbolize what you have in mind.

Chemical Element With Arrow For Back

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ tattooist_dal

Do you want to show something specific in your tattoo? Will a chemical element with an arrow do the job for you? We hope yes, cause we have fallen for this tattoo completely.


Small Arrow Tattoo Design

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ handitrip

A tin tattoo, what can look better? This idea will blow your mind with its cuteness. What are your thoughts on it?


Wonderful ideas for an arrow tattoo make an amazing collection for you. What have you chosen We hope you have also found the meaning that is most close to you.


FAQ: Arrow Tattoo

Which way should arrow tattoo point?

Most arrows point in the right direction, a tattoo that points in the left direction symbolizes the desire to chase something away from you. A tattoo with two arrows pointing in opposite directions represents war or conflict. According to Native Indian culture, a downward pointing arrow represents peace.

What does the Infinity arrow tattoo mean?

As you can tell from the name itself, an infinity symbol symbolizes the concept of something being infinite, but if you add an arrow to it, it obtains a new meaning. Infinity arrow tattoo serves as a reminder that whatever problems the person is facing or whatever struggles they are going through are only temporary.

What does the 3 arrows tattoo mean?

Three arrows criss crossing each other and pointing the same way is often used as a symbol of friendship amongst three people. Each person getting a three arrow tattoo represents their everlasting love for each other and unbreakable bond.