Vervain is a plant that is claimed to have many medical as well as magical properties. The fact is that it has been used in medicine staring centuries ago. What is more, some sources stated that it was used to treat the wounds of Jesus when he was hung on the cross. However, nowadays the flower is used for more trivial purposes. The thing is that this beautiful plant is used to treat such medical conditions as insomnia, anxiety, inflammation and many more. In case you wish to learn some more useful information on vervain plant you should definitely read on!


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What Is Vervaine Plant?

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What Is Vervaine Plant? #herbal #healthylife

To begin with, we need to figure out what a vervain flower actually is. The truth is that this plant is known under many names, such as Simpler’s Joy, Enchanter’s Plant, Herb of the Cross, Juno’s Tears, Pigeon’s Grass, Pigeonweed, Herb of Grace, Wild Hyssop, Iron-weed, Wild Verbena, and Indian Hyssop.

It is a petite plant with toothed leaves and small, gentle flowers which shade from pale lilac to blue. You can find it growing almost anywhere; however its origins come from Europe.

The leaves and flowers of vervain are used in medicine. The truth is that this plant possesses antispasmodic, antipyretic and diuretic abilities which make it so valuable even during these days.


The Herb Of Love: Tradition Uses Of Vervaine

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The Herb Of Love: Tradition Uses Of Vervaine #herbal #healthylife

Now when we know how vervain herb looks like it is time we learn about the traditional uses of the plant. Apart from medicine, the flower has been used for ceremonial, and superstitious purposes.

Many ancient civilizations considered vervain to be a sacred plant. Egyptians believed that the flowers grew out of the tears of the goddess Isis who was mourning the death of Osiris.

It needs to be mentioned that the flower is a supernatural as well as a religious symbol. The thing is that the ancient Druids believed that the plant possesses magical powers.

Ancient people of Scandinavia used vervain in ceremonies and rituals due to its mystical powers. For Greeks and the Romans, it was a holy plant. It was used to purify the temples.

Even in Christian lore, we can find vervain. It is said that this particular plant was used to treat Christ’s wounds on the cross.

The Aztecs and other Native American tribes in their turn used the flower to treat various health issues such as headache, circulatory issues, and insomnia.

Vervain’s Roots In Medicine

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Vervain’s Roots In Medicine #herbal #healthylife

Even though blue vervain has been mostly connected to all possible magical rituals, it has its place in medicine as well. Many European cultures used it to treat the abdominal region, lungs, and headaches.

Besides Hildegard von Bingen claimed that vervain is also good against swelling and inflammation in the throat. What is more, it can be used to heal ulcers, treat jaundice, tooth and gum infections, and also to reduce gum inflammation.

In case you want to learn how the plant works then you should better read on!


How Does It Work?

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How Does It Work? #herbal #healthylife

To tell you the truth, in most cases vervain was used to treat cuts and puncture wounds. When the plant is blooming its flowers are gathered in order to be used later on. The fact is that the tiny blue flowers contain bitter plant compounds and tannins, silica and volatile essential oils. The tannins are the essential compounds since they grant the plant those healing properties that have been used for ages now.

9 Amazing Vervain Health Benefits

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9 Amazing Vervain Health Benefits #herbal #healthylife

We have discussed why the plant has been used throughout the ages; however, what interests us most are the ways to use it now. So, we present to your attention most common blue vervain benefits to pay attention to nowadays:

Anxiety And Sleep Issues

These days most of us live under constant stress. That is why people may refer to anti-anxiety meds these days. However, these issues can be dealt with, with the help of vervain as well. The fact is that the recent researches prove that this plant can not only calm your nerves but also improve your sleep time as well as quality

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are hard to manage, that is the fact. Yet, vervain possesses analgesic properties that can soothe your nerves and relax your mind. This is precisely what you need to help you deal with migraines effectively.

Heart Health

The truth is that vervain can also boost your heart health as well. It can help you treat chest pain as well as fluid retention due to heart failure.


In case you need something effective to help you deal with the inflammation vervain is the remedy you need. The thing is that it can help you fight against both internal and external inflammation.

Menstrual Pain

For some women, menstrual pain is truly torture. As the research proves vervain come in more than helpful here too. The fact is that due to its analgesic properties it can reduce menstrual cramps.

Oral Health

If you are worried about your gum health, then you have come to the right place. The thing is that vervain plant has been used for centuries to improve gum health. You can brush and floss your teeth and rinse your mouth with a vervain mouthwash so that you boost your oral health tremendously.

Digestive Health

Vervain can be used to improve your digestive health as well. The fact is that it stimulates the appetite. What is more, it can help you get rid of intestinal worms.

Increase Supply Of Breast Milk

Some sources claim that the plant can stimulate the increased supply of breast milk. However, you need to consult your doctor before giving it a try.

Protect Liver And Kidneys

It has been found out that vervain can cleanse the kidneys, liver and the bladder.


How To Use And Grow Vervain

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How To Use And Grow Vervain #herbal #healthylife

In case we have got your attention, and you wonder how to use as well as grow blue vervain plant – we have it covered too. When it comes to purchasing vervain supplements, you can easily find it in any health or online store.

The herb comes in various forms starting with the raw herb, powder, tincture, capsules, tea, and ending with flower essence.

You can make vervain tea from the flower and leaves. All you need to do is to add two teaspoons of this herb to a cup of boiling water. Steep it for 15 minutes, and then you can enjoy this powerful tea. However, you shouldn’t drink more than 3 cups of this tea a day.

Those of you who want to deal with the sleep issues by using vervain, it is best if you drink a cup of tea half an hour before when you go to bed.

In case you decide to grow the herb on your own, you need to be aware of the fact that it likes sun and well-drained soil. As for the seeds you can easily find them in any gardening-related store.

Possible Side Effects Of Using

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Possible Side Effect Of Using #herbal #healthylife

Just like any other plant, vervain has possible side effects too, and you need to be aware of them to avoid any harm. To begin with, pregnant women should better keep away from it since it is a powerful uterine stimulant. Blue vervain can interfere with blood pressure medication and with hormone therapy. If you consume it in large doses, it can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Even though there are no major side effects that the herb can cause, yet it is best if you talk to your doctor first, before including it into your regime. If you like capers you can also read about benefits of this product!

FAQ: Vervain

Is vervain the same as lavender?

The distinction between vervain and lavender is that vervain is a herbaceous plant native to Europe that was once thought to have medical characteristics. Lavender, on the other side, belongs to a group of European plants, like mint family or genus lavandula.

Does vervain really affect vampires?

Vervain is a powerful herb believed to be the most well-known vulnerability of vampires. Vervain will burn a vampire if it comes into personal touch with it. When a vampire consumes vervain, his throat and digestive tract are scorched, and he becomes hot and exceedingly weak.

Is vervain poisonous to humans?

The FDA considers Vervain to be generally safe.