Useful Skin Care Tips and Myths to Remember to Have Healthy Skin

Who does not want to have healthy and glowing skin? This is the desire of all women. Naturally, girls with beautiful and clear skin are attracted by men the most. Apart from contributing to the outer appearance, skin has something more to do with our body. This is a vital organ of human body that provides protection to the inner organs. So, this is our duty to take care of the skin so that the inner organs stay safe. Here we are listing the most useful skin care tips along with some myths to help you get naturally glowing and healthy skin. 


1. Wash Face Every Morning

Washing your face every morning is among the most important skin care tips. You may think that your face is clean as you just washed it before you went to bed last night. But dirt, dust, dead cells, etc. keep on accumulating on the face all over the night, and this is the reason people should wash their face in the morning after waking up.


2. Apply Ice on Face

If you wonder how to get rid of dark circles, try applying ice. Moisturizer is needed for skin but, at the same time, ice can do the same job and it is highly effective to treat issues like puffiness, and tiredness of the skin. So, if you feel too tired or get puffiness after waking up, just apply ice on the skin and get rid of all those issues. An ice cube, if kept under the tongue and melted can drive away the above mentioned issues of your face. 

3. Apply Moisturizer on Wet Skin

This is one of the most useful and basic skin care tips. If you have very dry skin, make a habit of applying the moisturizer when the skin is wet. It prevents the skin from getting dry and locks the moisture on the face. The skin remains hydrated all day long this way, and you can also get rid of the itchy skin this way.


4. Pick Lip Balm With SPF

We all tend to shop for the sunscreen but when it comes to lip products we hardly do care for them. But you should remember that lips are very thin and they too need protection from the dangerous sun rays. So, next time you will go shopping try looking for a product that contains SPF in it for staying safe.

5. Use Face Brush

Face brush is suggested to use if you are short of time as it can do all the job of exfoliation, cleansing along with increasing blood circulation all over the face. It will make you look much better while it also makes the skin care routine much easier. It is recommended to always use a good quality face brush. 


6. Have Some Time for You

Stress is the biggest reason to ruin your skin. So, you should take some time for you to de-stress yourself. Include good amount of vegetables, fruits, etc. in the diet, talk to your loved ones, take a nap, spend some time with friends. All these activities have a positive effect on your skin.

So, the basic skin care tips are listed here to help you achieve healthy skin. Also, some myths about skin care are explained here so that you can come out of the wrong perception.

skin_care myths:">Skin Care Myths:

1. Sunscreen Is Only for Fair Skin

There is a myth that only the extra fair skin gets burned in the sunlight and this is why many women with medium complexion do not use sunscreen. But this is completely wrong; all skin types are exposed to sunlight and get damaged. So, everyone is suggested to apply sunscreen to the skin as you step out of the home. Also, there are many women who claim that their skin is tanned but does not burn, but they too need to use sunscreen to stay on the safe side. 


2. Expensive Skin Care Products Work Best

In reality, the best homemade face mask is more effective than salon treatments. Price has nothing to do with the quality. Pricey cream might work for your skin but there is no guarantee that the same will work well for others. Everyone’s skin type differs and they should be treated with different creams. Also, according to some dermatologist, most of the active ingredients present in the products are more or less same regardless of their price and from where you buy them.

3. Anti-Aging Creams Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Most of us tend to use anti aging cream as soon as we cross thirty. But this is the biggest myth in the beauty industry. The fact is that all these creams plump up the screen temporarily so that it looks like the fine lines or wrinkles are decreased. But study has proven that only retinoids are able to reduce wrinkles but not all the creams. So, try looking for an anti-aging cream that contains retinoids or else vitamin A in it.

4. Oils are Bad For Skin

This is another myth that people believe. Of course, eating too much oil is bad for your health but this is not the case with skin care products. Oily products cannot make your skin oilier by over producing it. So, if you are gifted with oily skin and stay far from the oily products, this is the time to change your view. 


5. Exfoliation Slows Down the Hair Growth Process

Exfoliation is no doubt a great part of skin care regime but unfortunately it has nothing to do with the hair growth. So, if you think that exfoliation will slow down the hair growth process on your skin and you need to not shave it often, sadly you are wrong.