Silver heels for prom are really popular every season, disregarding the trends, and it is not surprising at all.

Babes pick silver prom shoes because silver is a neutral tone, but it is also festive. And the combination of these two qualities is simply perfect.


Being neutral, silver shoes heels can let you wear the maxi dress of any color. Plus, taking into account that neutrals go with everything, you can re-wear these shoes after the event.

Read on to discover more useful info and see spectacular pics of prom shoes silver.

Embellished Silver Heels For Prom

When choosing silver heels for prom, the style of your dress should be taken into account, as well. Is your dress simple but elegant, or glammed up and ultra glitz?

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In case your dress is glammed up and ultra glitz, sparkling from top to bottom, it is advisable to choose less elaborate shoes. Silver heels with rhinestones might clash with your gown or deflect attention from it. Shoes with simple straps might work great for such a vivid gown.

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But if the dress you choose is a bit plainer and is not all-sparkly, you can go as daring and wild as you wish when it comes to your perfect shoes. Without any hesitation, pick a glamorous pair of silver prom heels with rhinestones that will pop.

Keeping everything balanced is your key to success. Shiny and strappy or fully dazzled and flashy, your shoes will look chic and sophisticated in any case. Just don’t go over the board.


Awesome Metallic Silver Heels

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We would recommend you to find a pair of silver heels for prom that you can wear afterwards, too. Of course, if you buy cheap silver heels for prom (which is totally fine because even cheap shoes can look bedazzling), not wearing them ever again won’t hurt. However, if you do decide to splurge on an expensive pair of heels, you might wish to justify this purchase.

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Why waste money if you can easily purchase a pair of heels that will serve you for many years and help you break many hearts.

Silver Prom Heels With Rhinestones

Silver rhinestone heels for prom appear especially glammed up. But which extent of glamorousness can you bear, in inches?

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The heel size must work for you! Do not forget that this particular day will be very long and exhausting. And we can tell you for sure that your feet are likely to hurt after prom anyway.

Let us imagine that you are an experienced fashionista and even the highest heels do not scare you. But again, take into account the amount of time you will have to spend on the feet. And what about dancing?

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By the way, the soles matter greatly. The quality soles won’t make you feel any discomfort even if the heel is super high. And to the contrary, the soles of poor quality can turn wearing even short heels into a nightmare.

Also, when shopping for prom shoes high heels, pick a pair that is made of a lightweight material. The more the shoes weigh, the more difficult it will be to spend the whole day wearing them.


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One more thing to consider when picking silver shoes for prom: covered toe or show toe? Silver prom shoes closed toe will look especially elegant, however, they might be less comfortable. And show toe heels appear rather youthful.

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To make the right choice, just think about the style of your gown. If this gown is sophisticated and more mature, made of heavy fabrics like duchesse or matte satin, it is better to opt for covered heels. But in case you pick a shorter prom gown, slinky evening gown, or a princess gown, go for show toe heels.

Beautiful Silver Heels For Your Perfect Look

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If you think that a silver hue is not sparkly enough, you can always opt for a pair encrusted with rhinestones. Major glam is waiting for you! You will turn heads wherever you go.


Silver Heels For Real Princesses

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We really hope that our article will help you appear amazing when the prom comes. You can find much useful info on our blog.

FAQ: Silver Heels

What can I wear with silver heels?

A pair of silver heels is actually a great clothing item that can be worn with any color like white, grey, brown, red, wine, purple, neutrals and can spice up any of your outfits. You can wear them with a black and white blouse and a black pencil skirt to the office. Another option is to wear a satin blouse instead to accentuate the shine from the heels.

How do you style silver heels?

You can combine some silver heels with denim skirt or jeans, with skinny leather or black wide leg pants. Choose a simple short top or a shirt to wear with some wide leg pants or jeans. It is important not to overweight the whole look with additional metallic items.