Elegant And Hip Designs For Matte Nail Polish


Pimped Out Plum

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nailsbymztina

We love this striking deep purple matte with white rhinestones!

Shades of Gray

Credit photo: Instagram.com/mindyhardy

We’re only talking two shades of gray, not 50! This trendy take on the mani with a light gray base and smoky tips is smooth and sultry! Also you can do the glittery accent on the one finger.


Patterned Matte Nails

Polka Dot Explosion

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nailsbycambria

Polka dots are always fun and girly! And they look just nice with matte shades like this light purple base with dark purple polka dots. Or, mix it up with bursts of color on a black or white matte base!


Plaid Nails

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nailsbycambria

If you love plaid, you’ll flip for this gorgeous red and black plaid matte effect!

Leather and Lace

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nails_irinamarten

We love this white lacy effect on a nude matte base. You can easily duplicate the lace look with nail stamps.

Leopard Spots

Credit photo: Instagram.com/allnailseverything

This neon pink matte base with black and gold leopard spots is a bit sassy if you want to show your catty side!


Swirls and Whirls

Credit photo: Instagram.com/getbuffednails

We love this swirly effect with deep blue matte and gliterry black swirls which you can either draw with a toothpick or use swirly nail stamps!

Purple Ethnic

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nails_irinamarten

Ethnic designs are very popular this season. A bright purple color with geometric patterns on several fingers are super modern.

Easy Matte Nail Designs


Goth Girl

Credit photo: Instagram.com/glambymeli

If you love black, you’ll love this simple black matte look. Perfect for Halloween or to bring out your inner goth chic!

Two Toned Texture

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kamilanails

This mani on a black matte base with sparkly black stripes can easily be duplicated with nail art tape.

Pink Matte Mani

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nailsbymztina

We know that every girl secretly loves pink. This pretty matte pink with its shiny pink stripe at the tip gives the look and feel of a traditional mani with an added burst of pink!


Stripes Ombre

Credit photo: Instagram.com/annnail_art

It will be fantastic to mix white and pink shades of nail polish on your nails. You can use almost all of your favorite colors to create this stripes ombre nail design.

Matte Nails with Accent


Credit photo: Instagram.com/riyathai87

We think this dark base with light matte flowers is totally girly and chic! The best part is that you can use any floral design to achieve this fun feminine look!


Black and White Tribal Matte Nail Art

Credit photo: Instagram.com/the_nail_lounge_miramar

Black and white nails are always classy but this black and white tribal design is edgy and playful.

Maroon Stiletto

Credit photo: Instagram.com/doobysnails

Oh so cute maroon matte long stiletto variation. Accent your ring finger with gold sparkly charm - your mani will be amazing.

Summer Sun

Credit photo: Instagram.com/majikbeenz

This gorgeous yellow matte polish with gold flecks can brighten up anyone’s day!


Matte Nail Designs with Glitter

Glam Green

Credit photo: Instagram.com/allure_nail_studio

We love these deep matte green colors with the funky geometric design on one finger!

Royally Blue

Credit photo: Instagram.com/chellys_nails

This gorgeous deep matte blue with gold accents gives off a very regal vibe!


Moonlight Magic

Credit photo: Instagram.com/daryariger

This reverse French mani with a shiny gold half moon at the nail base and a gorgeous black matte base has a totally dreamy effect!

Painted Matte Nails

Galaxy Nails

Credit photo: Instagram.com/coewlesspolish

We think this Milky Way design with a few more polishes on a black matte base is out of this world!


Neon Rainbows

Credit photo: Instagram.com/badgirlnails

This fun take on the white classic mani is a bit edgy with its matte rainbow effect. Paint two colors on each fingernail with just a bit of free space between the shades to mix it up a bit!

Matte White Base with Color Hand Drawn

You can play with your nail designs every season! Look at this gorgeous fashion inspired designs. Here are winter style to make it during all cold month, a simple but beautiful style for early spring, and bold style for hot summer days.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lieve91

Baroque Flower Design

If you are obsessed with baroque style as much as we are then you definitely should try one of these styles. Use black or any other dark base to make a contrast to your flowered design and then add red colored flowers. Do not forget about leaves to finish your look. You can wear baroque nails all the time.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lieve91


Acrylic Art on Nude Base

Nude nails are good for work, hot days, and even for date nights. You can add absolutely any hand art on nude base and get an amazing style! For winter use blue colors, flowered designs for spring and summer. If you need neutral but bright style use thin lines to make geometric forms.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lieve91

We hope you find these matte nail lacquer looks as tempting as we do! Find the one that suits you best and tweak it to match your mood and style!