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Deep Blue Gingham Tips

Source: nooooooca via Instagram

Deep Blue Gingham Tips #negativespacenails #bluenails #roundednails

The mixture of blue gingham tips and some negative space will help you create a French tip that is interesting and unique-looking. What is more, such a manicure idea can be suited to almost any occasion you are going to.

Emerald Green Gingham Nail Art

Source: rosegoldlining via Instagram

Emerald Green Gingham Nail Art #winternails #greennails

When you master the gingham nail art the creation of a masterpiece becomes easier than easy. For example, this emerald green gingham accent fits in with the rest just beautifully, not to mention that such a mani will suit any season.

Sweet Lilac Nail Art

Source: hammerandnails_ via Instagram

Sweet Lilac Nail Art #lilacnails #squovalnails

Lilac hues have a major hit these days. However, when solid lilac is not your cup of tea, it is time to turn your imagination on. Spice up your lilac manicure with gingham pattern addition and add some glitter for the flawless outcome. There you go!

Absolute Girlish Pink Nail Design

Source: strawbrie via Instagram

Absolute Girlish Pink Nail Design #prettynails #pinknails #squarenails

All the girly fashionistas here will simply fall in love with this pink gingham manicure idea. If there is anything cuter and more stylish looking out there, we are totally unfamiliar with it!

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