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3. Twisted Halo

Source: Stephhstyles via Instagram

Twisted Halo

Among quick easy hairstyles for long hair, we have the twisted halo. Give your hair a Greek Goddess-like hairdo with the twisted halo.

  • Take a small section of hair from one side of your head. Twist it and secure it at the back, in the middle of your head with the help of pins.
  • Do the same thing with a section of hair from the other side of your head.
  • While securing the second section, make sure you tuck it behind the first section of twisted hair.

4. Side Braided Pony

Source: Annalyncook via Instagram

Side Braided Pony

College going teens love this, but it is a hit among working women, as well.

  • Take a section of hair from one side of your head. French braid this section right from your hairline till the end. Secure the braid with a hair tie.
  • Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure it along with the braid using a hair tie.
  • Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it on top of the hair tie to conceal it. Pin this section of hair in place.
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