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1. A Classy Pony

Source: KykHair via Instagram

A Classy Pony picture 1

A classy pony is among the prettiest easy quick hairstyles. If you like your hair tied, then there is no better way to do it. One of the most popular quick easy hairstyles is the classy pony.

  • Divide your hair equally so you have a section of your front hair and a section of the back hair.
  • Tie the back hair into a ponytail.
  • Separate the front section into two, and pull the right half to the back of your head and over your ponytail. The intention is to cover the hair tie. Secure this section with pins.
  • Now pull the left section of the front hair and drape it over your ponytail. Use pins to secure it into position.

2. Double Knotted Pony

Source: Camillapihlt

Double Knotted Pony

Are you searching for easy quick hairstyles? The double knotted pony can look great for casual outings. Our list of easy hairstyles for long hair would be incomplete without it.

  • Divide your hair equally. Tie these two sections together in a low knot.
  • Repeat the knot and then secure it with hair tie.
  • Take a section of hair from your pony and wrap it over your hair tie to conceal it.
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