With all the growing variety of piercings, it may be too difficult to come across an option that is both unique and stylish but isn't on your face. Surely, you can opt for more intimate locations, but what is those are also out of the question? In times like this, you should pay some more attention to your ears. There's plenty of area to cover, and your lobes aren't the only option to consider. Daith piercing here is a worthy piercing variation to introduce into your to-get list. Surely, that is something that you will do after reading this guide!


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Daith Piercing. What is it?

Aside from the fact that it is a type of ear piercing, you may not know anything else about daith ear piercing. The truth is that it isn't actually a century-old variation but rather a unique idea suggested by a Jewish lady in 1992. The daith is situated right near the ear canal and pierces that tiny cartilage in the ear at the point where the top connects with the inner ear.


Daith Piercing. Pain Level


Since it is the cartilage that we are talking about, you should realize that daith piercing pain would be higher than that of a pierced earlobe. At the same time. Most people describe it as only dull pressure in the area when done correctly.

Healing Period


It is true that daith healing time exceeds that of a regular ear lobe piercing. You should consider the fact that it is the cartilage that is being pierced, and there's no blood supply in the area. Usually, it takes up to half a year for a daith piercings to heal properly. Sometimes, it takes even longer than that. However, you shouldn't be scared away with such an extended healing period. Mostly, the piercing won't bother you but will require the usual care routine until healed properly.


Daith Piercing Jewelry Types


When it comes to daith piercing jewelry, there are many options that you can use, depending upon your personal likes and preferences.

Jewelry Types

The most popular jewelry types are:

  • Curved barbell – one of the simplest and most common daith piercing variations with two studs on each end. Both can be unscrewed.
  • Daith earrings – there are countless unique daith piercing variations to suit your style.
  • Heart daith piercing – if you don't want to go with regular-shape jewelry, you can opt for a heart shape instead. There are other variants to consider too.



Jewelry Types
Credit photo: Instagram.com/icopiercing

Some jewelry materials may lead to allergic reactions, and you need to know which option suits you best to avoid any unpleasant conditions.

  • Surgical steel – is a common, hypoallergenic piercing jewelry type.
  • Gold – less common, pricey, but hypoallergenic material to pay attention to.
  • Niobium – average-priced material, as good as titanium.
  • Stainless steel – affordably priced jewelry that contains nickel traces and may cause allergies in some cases.

Average Prices


When it comes to daith piercing cost, it is not the priciest procedure of all. You can find a good salon that will do it for you for around $30-$80. However, the jewelry cost isn't included in the price.

Does Daith Piercing Stop Migraines?


How effective is daith piercing for migraines? The rumor has is that daith piercing has the power to cure migraines. While it is true that some points in the ear can be used in acupuncture to relieve various types of pain. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that daith piercing is one of acupuncture's means to achieve the point. Yet, there is room for the placebo effect, and it works in some cases. Nevertheless, you shouldn't opt for this type of piercing if pain relief is your sole aim.




While you are going through different daith piercing healing stages, you need to know how to look after the piercing correctly. Usually, a professional piercer will take you through the process, but these practical tips may come of help too:

  • Change your pillowcase regularly to avoid infections.
  • Don't take the piercing out before it heals.
  • Don't touch your piercing regularly.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Soak the piercing in salt water solution for at least 5 minutes a day.

Daith Piercing: FAQ


How painful is a daith piercing?

It is more painful when compared to a lobe piercing. Since the area is quite thick, the piercing lasts for about 9 seconds, and you may experience sharp pain during that period. After that, your ear will throb dully for a while.

What is a daith piercing good for?

Some people believe that daith piercing relieves migraines and anxiety, but there is no scientific research data on the matter.

Which side do you get a daith piercing?

You can get both of your ears pierced at this point. It depends upon your personal preferences.