EXPERTISE: Luxury piercing, solid gold jewelry, ear styling
LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland
EXPERIENCE: Over 4 years in luxury piercings and jewelry design, specializing in 14k solid gold body jewelry
About expert:
Laura Bond is the visionary founder of Laura Bond, a luxury piercing studio and jewelry boutique based in Edinburgh. With a passion for delicate, feminine, and affordable solid gold body jewelry, Laura turned her frustration into a flourishing business. Her journey began in 2019, driven by a desire to create the high-quality jewelry she couldn't find in the market.
With multiple piercings herself and a background in luxury jewelry, Laura spent months sourcing manufacturers who met her rigorous standards for quality and ethics. What started as a small operation run from her home office with her husband Doug has grown into a well-respected brand known for its exquisite 14k solid gold piercing jewelry.
In 2021, Laura Bond opened a dedicated office in Edinburgh city centre, expanding her team and hosting sold-out piercing pop-ups. This success led to the opening of their first jewelry boutique and piercing parlour on Thistle Street in September 2023. Here, clients can experience luxury ear and nose piercings, browse stunning jewelry collections, and receive personalized ear styling advice from a team of expert stylists and piercers.
Laura's dedication to quality and her keen eye for design have made Laura Bond a go-to destination for those seeking elegant and timeless piercing jewelry. As a female-founded and independently owned business, Laura Bond continues to set the standard for luxury piercings and fine jewelry in Edinburgh.

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