Cascara sagrada – such a complicated name stands for an herbal supplement with a long history. In the beginning, this remedy was used to treat constipation by Native Americans. However, there is much more to this herb than just laxative effect on the human body. These days you can get this medicine in powder or capsule form without any prescription, yet that does not mean that it is entirely safe. All the positive effects as well as side ones we are going to discuss in this article. Read on to learn something new!


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What Is Cascara Sagrada

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Of course, the first thing to learn is what is cascara sagrada? When it comes to Native Americans, they used it as a remedy against constipation. However, apart from its medical value, it has also a cultural one. Cascara sagrada is a tree, which is about 20 feet tall, with serrated leaves and reddish bark. The thing is that the berries that follow the bloom are very poisonous and you in no case should consume them. The most value comes from the bark, although it should be adequately dried out as well before use. Otherwise, it can cause some damage to your body as well.

As for its taste, it is very bitter, and due to that, it is used to paint kids’ nails for them not to chew on. To tell you the truth there are many benefits to this herb, and we are going to have a closer look at them as we proceed.


Skin Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada

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These days beautiful skin is the dream of many ladies. Most of them refer to all the advertised products to keep their skin young and beautiful-looking. However, during the old times, people didn’t have access to all the beauties of modern technology, but their skin looked and felt much better without it. Why is that? Well, when you think about Native Americans, then the cascara tree was of help there. Let’s have a closer look at the skin benefits of cascara:

Anti-aging abilities

The truth is that as we get older wrinkles and dark spots tend to appear. That is when cascara sagrada comes in more than helpful. It has the power to remove all the lines and blemishes so that your skin looks younger longer.

Healing effect

Acne is a problem for many girls as well as women. The fact is that cascara tinctures can help you solve the issue. What is more, if you have patchy skin all you need to do is to apply cold cascara tea compresses to deal with the matter successfully.


We all know that in order to look healthy and fresh your skin needs to be properly hydrated. That is why most of the body products are based on cascara sagrada.

Hair Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada

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The gorgeous mane is something that many of us wish for, but Mother Nature is not that generous to all. It is true that with the vast range of hair products you can help your hair become healthy and shiny. However, the difficulties arise when it comes to the choice, with all these options available it is more than complicated to make the right one. Yet, cascara sagrada benefits reach out as far as to the health of your hair. So, we present the list of hair benefits of cascara sagrada:

Hair issues

The thing is that when your body is filled with toxins, many issues may appear, dandruff and lice are on the list. However, due to cleansing powers of cascara sagrada, these matters can be prevented. What is more, a lot of hair products are made with the addition of cascara extract. Besides, you can also take cascara supplement to clean your body from within.

Healthy hair

Very often women wish to grow out long hair but face defeat. Here is when a cascara sagrada conditioner will come to rescue. If you use this conditioner often, you will succeed not only with long but also with a healthy and glowing mane.


Health Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada

The truth is that cascara sagrada has been in for ages now and that means that all its abilities and properties have been tried out and well tested. That brings us to the conclusion that if you know what it is great for you can use it with the least of fear since all has been tried before you. Today we are going to list most of the health benefits that cascara sagrada has to offer!


Many people choose to deal with constipation silently since they feel quite uncomfortable talking about it. From the very beginning, it has been mentioned that the primary purpose of this herb is to help you deal with the issue. Taking into consideration the fact that it is easy to get you won’t have to suffer from constipation anymore. The consumption of cascara sagrada will start working within 8 hours after use and will clean your colon thoroughly.

Gastric Disorders and Gallstones

The fact is that this herb is able to help the digestion. Apart from that, it cleans the system well, and that results in the great shape of your internal organs. What is more, even gallstones can be prevented by the consumption of this herb. The thing is that due to the fact that it promotes digestive juice the build-up of stones is prevented.


These days more and more people suffer from insomnia. The lack of sleep has far worse effects on your general well-being than you can imagine. That is why if you notice that you are unable to get proper sleep you should better take some cascara sagrada. The fact is that it helps you soothe the nerves thus, you will be able to fall asleep easily. Besides, the quality of your sleep will increase significantly.


Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of all, and we can’t say that we do not understand why. However, the research proved that regular consumption of cascara extract would help your body deal with free radicals, which may result in the appearance of cancer-causing cells. What is more, it has been said that cascara sagrada makes the chemotherapy a lot more effective. Therefore, it is undoubtedly worth a try!

Weight Loss

These days many people suffer from the issue of excess weight. Well, cascara sagrada weight loss properties are prominent too. The thing is that because of laxative effect the extract is used in many diets and slimming teas. That is why if you introduce it into your menu you will soon observe a significant weight loss as a result.

Cascara Sagrada Side Effects

Despite all the benefits, there are also side effects to any herb and cascara sagrada is not the exception. The thing is that everything depends significantly on the time you consume cascara. It has been proved that if it is a short-term use – there is nothing to be afraid of since it will surely help you with anything you intended taking it for. Yet, in any case, it is best for you to consult your doctor first just in case there is anything you should be warned about. Besides, pregnant women are not supposed to take cascara sagrada at all.

If you plan to take this herb during quite a long period of time you need to know that there are many risks to be aware of. One of the severe effects that the herb can have on you is a liver injury. It is said that there is also some risk of colorectal cancer development however, it has not been proved yet.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that no matter how useful an herb can be there is always a downside. In most cases, the downside may appear because of personal intolerance or anything of the kind. That is why, before jumping to the conclusion that cascara sagrada is excellent for you, you should better talk to a professional first. In case that is not an option, then we suggest you closely observe any changes to your body after the consumption. Right after you see that something is different in a wrong way you should better discontinue the treatment straight away!

Cascara sagrada is a part of Native Americans’ culture as well it is a useful remedy for many health issues. All those benefits, as well as a side effect, are mentioned in this article. All you need to do is to read through! Also, you can read about semolina benefits to know why you should use it in your daily life.


FAQ: Cascara Sagrada

What happens if you take too much Cascara Sagrada?

When used for more than one week, Cascara Sagrada may be UNSAFE. Dehydration, low levels of potassium, chloride, sodium and other electrolytes in the blood, heart issues, muscular weakness, and other major adverse effects are all possible.

Does Cascara Sagrada help you lose weight?

Cascara Sagrada is a popular weight-loss supplement component. It’s a laxative with the potential to help you lose weight. However, we strongly advise against using Cascara Sagrada for weight loss because there are no reliable sources to back up this claim.

Why is Cascara banned?

Cascara was relatively unknown in the EU prior to 1997, which means it is now subject to innovative food legislation. This drove Joel Jelderks, co-founder of Panama Varietals, to begin the lengthy process of obtaining cascara certified for human consumption.