Newest Burgundy Nails Designs You Should Definitely Try

Burgundy nails are the perfect choice for those who are tired of all the bright and pastel shades separately or even combined together. Not to mention that burgundy is the color of the season, there is nothing trendier these days, that is for sure. All in all, if you are seeking for something not boring and trendy, you have come to the right place.


Cute Burgundy Nail Designs

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Burgundy is the perfect line between red and black. It is not that bright as red and also not that bold as black, what else is needed for the creation of a gorgeous, feminine look?


Perfect Burgundy Short Nails

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If you shy away from burgundy color on your manicure because you have short nails, then you are missing out a lot. This rich and elegant shade looks flattering no matter how long or short your nails are. Moreover, short burgundy nails look trendy and sophisticated, which makes them a perfect choice for modern girls who value practicality and have an exquisite sense of style.

Trendy Burgundy Nail Ideas

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The beauty of burgundy color is that is goes well almost with anything. Be it a matte coat or glittery pattern, if you combine it with burgundy, the stunning result is granted.


Easy Burgundy Nail Art

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Burgundy mani is complete and self-sufficient. Thus, it does not require excessive adornments, if any. Yet, in case you want to add an accent to it, you are so welcome to do so. Go for something minimalistic though.

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If you are still in doubt which one you like better – matte burgundy or glossy one – we know of a perfect compromise. And that would be the fantastic combination of both! What do you think?


Burgundy Nail Art With Matte Accents

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To spruce up your burgundy manicure, you can play around with its finish instead of garments and textures. Either apply a matte top to certain nails or even accentuate the whole hand for a velvet touch to your mani.

Sparkly Glitter Nail Art Design

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Glitter is always a good idea if you want to bring your burgundy acrylic nails to a whole new level. No matter whether you are going to choose a matching color or contrasting, you will end up having a gorgeous mani that instantly catches all attention.

Stunning Burgundy Nails You Should Try

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Not only burgundy shades go well with glitter. The mixture of this shade and various rhinestones patterns simply won’t leave anyone indifferent. One look, and you are in love already!


Newest Nail Designs In Burgundy Color

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Those ladies who try to keep up with current nail design fashion should pay heed to such trends as gold glitter or foil ombre overlaying a burgundy base and rhinestones accents for single nails.

Fresh Burgundy Nail Art Ideas

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Experiment with the texture of your mani. Why not add glitter or gems or combine matte and glossy polish in a single design?

Burgundy And Gold Nail Designs

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The combination of gold and burgundy is always a winning one. No matter which idea comes to your taste – gold starry stamping or an intricate gold French tip your nails will look stylish and sophisticated!


Stylish Matte Burgundy Nails

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Matte coating is undoubtedly popular, but when mixed with burgundy nail art it looks exquisite and elegant. Besides, you can always take the things to the new level with the combo of both glossy and matte tops in one design.

Bling Glitter And Rhinestones Nail Designs

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Do you like everything shiny and glistening? Then why don’t you spark up your manicure with rhinestones and bling glitter? Regardless of the nail design you are planning on, you can rest assured that your mani will be in the spotlight wherever you go.

Matte Nails With Rhinestones

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If you feel that you can pull it off, you can go for several accents for your burgundy nails. Adorn them with multi-sized rhinestones in different colors and shapes and cover the manicure with a matte top that will pull everything together.