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Bohemian Lighting Styles

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Moon String Lights For Bohemian Style #stringlights
Bohemian Bedroom Design With Books Accent #stringlights

When we decorate our rooms, we tend to think about lighting as a more practical rather than embellishing piece. However, experts in design point out that unlike other decorative elements, lighting can change the game drastically. So, pay extra attention to this aspect. When it concerns boho lighting, intricateness is its main feature. For example, hang a lighting garland or string lights over your bed. That will fill your room with a glow that is warm and relaxing. Also, incorporating several candles into your boho style is a must.

Little Greens To Perfect Boho

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Greens Accent For Bohemian Style #plants
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Complete the bohemian design of your bedroom with your favorite house plants. Your green companions can really help you to improve your décor. For example, Cat Palms can become something like a little oasis in your bedroom. Besides, these plants are not difficult to take care for. And Pothos and Philodendron are climbing vine plants that can add the feeling of motion to the whole décor. Phalaenopsis Orchid and Peace Lily can work great as colorful accents. Make everything possible for your green companion to feel like home and flourish in its planter. As for well-known plant murderers, they can opt for cut flowers bouquets set in exquisite vases.

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