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Kiss Me Now

Source: Tricia Victoria photography

Kiss Me Now #engagementphoto #love #kiss #couple

Why don`t you choose an interesting background for a romantic kissing pose? This one in a boat is super creative and symbolic at the same time. While you two share a kiss in a boat, it will be obvious that you two are ready for a sail through your life being side by side to each other.

Only Ring

Source: Bryant $ Heather

Only Ring #engagementphoto #ring #couple

A ring is one of the most important things for a romantic engagement photo shoot. Show it in a photo, while hugging your partner for capturing the small detail on your finger. A beautiful idea that will make your future plans obvious.

As One

Source: Charity Maurer photography

As One #engagementphoto #couple #love

Remember that you two together are the most important part of the whole engagement photoset. That is why do whatever you are used to doing when you are alone. Kiss, laugh, hug and don`t be ashamed of showing your emotions and the way you feel about each other. That`s the guarantee of the successful photo shoot.

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