Most Magical Makeup Ideas for Gray Eyes

How to Pick the Best Makeup for Gray Eyes?

Do you have gray eyes and still not sure which makeup is the most flattering even after years of experimenting? Then our photo gallery and some makeup tips will of great use. From now on, your makeup will be always top-notch without any assistance of your makeup artist.


Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Gray Eyes

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We hope you already know which shade of grey eyes you have. Your eyes can be hazel-grey, green-grey, grey-blue, pale-grey, or dark-grey – these are the most common eye shades.


Cute Eye Makeup Looks

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So, before picking eye shadow, determine other shades that are present in your iris alongside grey. If you are not sure, wear a white T-shirt and examine the eyes in a place with good lighting.


Pretty Makeup Ideas for Gray Eyes

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After determining an additional hue, you can then pick eye makeup designed specifically for this hue. Or you can base your makeup choice on the fact that grey color is neutral.


Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas

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And it means that you can pair it with practically any color of eyeshadow. In this case, however, you will have to mind your hair color, skin tone as well as the desirable image.


Best Makeup Looks for Gray Eyes

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Let’s assume that your skin has warm undertones. Then pick warmer and richer eyeshadow colors. And vivid or icy eyeshadow colors will work great if you have cold undertones.

Glamorous Makeup Ideas for Gray Eyes

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Also, there are some colors of eyeshadow you might wish to avoid. For example, bold reds and pinks are not advisable as your eyes will look inflamed or teary. Pick wisely!