Every color has a particular emotion that it arises in people thinking about it. When you think about gray hues, you imagine something gloomy, depressing, and the least attractive. However, the impression will change the moment you look someone with gray eyes deep in the eye. There is so much warmth and magic hidden there that it is hard to describe. The chances are that even those of you who have grey eyes do not realize the full power that is contained in your eyes. We decided to change things and disclose all the secrets and share all the facts known and related to this magnificent eye color. You will be surprised how much fresh information you will absorb after getting through with our article!


Are Gray Eyes Common Or Rare?

Are Gray Eyes Common Or Rare? #rareeyescolor
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Let’s start with answering a simple question – how many people with gray eyes do you know? The chances are that only a few, or maybe you are the one with this particular eye color. Countless scientific researches prove that gray eyes are the rarest, only 1% of Earth’s population has this magnificent hue to show off. If you think about it, it is not that weird taking into consideration the fact that only people with pure European ancestry can have such an eye color. If we put the science aside, the fact that gray eyes are so rare has resulted in lots and lots of myths and mysteries circling around the shade, and we are going to discuss some of them today too.


Defining Gray Eye Color

Defining Gray Eye Color #eyeliner #browsshape
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When we talk about natural gray eyes, there is no one-for-all definition that we can present. The fact is that each eye shade differs from person to person. Besides, gender plays its part in the matter too. While ladies are usually more prone to having gray blue eyes, gentlemen are said to be born with gray green eyes more often. Even such a simple fact that it is hard to define this eye color has inflicted a lot of supernatural beliefs and superstitions on those who are grey-eyed. It is quite comforting too since if you have this eye color, you can already consider yourself special.

Do Grey Eyes Equal Blue Eyes?

Do Grey Eyes Equal Blue Eyes? #blueeyes #lipgloss
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We know that blue gray eyes exist – but are gray eyes actually blue eyes? The answer is no. The thing is that grey eyes often have specks of gold and brown to them. That makes the color change depending on the conditions around. Blues eyes, no matter how gorgeous they are, can’t change their color, though.


Protecting Your Grey Eyes

Protecting Your Gray Eyes #eyesprotect
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Now, when you know how rare are gray eyes, you need to realize that simple fact that such a rare eyeshade requires proper protection. The thing is that the lighter your iris color is, the more damage UV light can cause to your eyes. That is why it is advised that those with gray eyes wear sunglasses any time they are exposing themselves to the sun.

Common Myths About Gray Eye Color

Common Myths About Gray Eye Color #naturalmakeup
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It does not matter whether dark gray eyes or light ones you have, there are some myths to be aware of:

  • Those with grey eyes are claimed to be better in bed;
  • Any mind is an open book to those with grey eyes;
  • If you are a male and you are Pisces according to your horoscope plus your eyes are grey – you are a dangerous man;
  • Gentlemen with grey eyes are masters in bed;
  • It is the easiest to fall under a spell of a grey-eyed lady;
  • Ladies with grey eyes like to dominate;
  • People with grey eyes are positively insane;

Does any of the mentioned myths relate to you?


Do Grey Eyes Change Color?

Do Grey Eyes Change Color? #eyescolor #changecolor
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Very often, those with grey eyes wonder is their eye color can change. The truth is that it can. If you have green gray eyes or gray hazel eyes, the color may vary due to the following reasons:

  • Your mood;
  • The lighting in the room;
  • Medical condition<;/li>

Even though your eyes can acquire new tints and hues. The effect is usually a temporary one.

Main Factors That Influence Your Eye Color

Main Factors That Influence Your Eye Color #smokey
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Some of you may have noticed that sometimes your eyes look different. We have rounded up a few main factors that can add up to the eye color change:

Allergy – allergies do not change the iris color itself but make the whites of your eyes look red, and that dulls the natural color of your eyes.

Lighting – artificial lighting always affects the color of your eyes, at least the way others perceive it. Bright light makes regular grey eyes look like light gray eyes and the dark works in the exact opposite way.

Eye shadow – most women, know which hues work with their eye colors best so that they are able to enhance and make the eye color more definitive with just a few strokes of an eye shadow brush.

Alcohol or drugs – such mentioned substances can actually change the eye color temporarily. The fact is that when the pupil dilates, which it does under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the color of the eyes tends to change.

Grey Eye Geology

Grey Eye Geology #highlighter #eyeshadow
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These days only those with European ancestry are believed to have gray eyes. However, that hasn’t always been like that. History proves that people with grey eyes lived all over the world. According to the geologic time scale, first cases of people born with grey eyes were noted as long ago as up to 3 million years ago. After people started to migrate and mix with other people, more eye colors began to appear, and grey eye color started to become rarer and rarer.


Grey Eyes: Basic Genetics

Grey Eyes: Basic Genetics #eyescolorgenetics
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Up till 2008, it was believed that people with gray eyes can be born to couples where one of the parents has the same eye color. However, later on, in 2008, a new discovery was made, which proved that it might not matter the eye color of parents. There are as many as 16 genes that determine a baby’s eye color and the information that the genes carry roots further than just the parents.

Peculiar And Fun Facts About Gray Eyes

Peculiar And Fun Facts About Gray Eyes #factsaboutgrayeyes
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If you are an owner of those magnetic and magical, not to mention mystical grey eyes, you may wonder what other secrets they come with, and we are willing to share a few of them with you!

People With Gray Eyes Think Strategically

If you have gray eyes – one of your superpowers is strategical thinking. It is not just a fun fact. It is a scientifically proven information. Due to the lesser amount of melanin in your eyes, you tend to think slower but more strategically. Use this skill wisely!


People With Gray Eyes Are Better Shooters

In 1918 there was a theory that was proved later on – people with grey eyes are better shots. The fact was confirmed after closer observation of soldiers training at military training camp – Camp Bowie.

Gray Eyes Dream Interpretation

Not all people believe in dreams, let alone that the majority of us can’t remember what they dreamed about when we get up. However, if you are a believer, then it needs to be added that if you see someone with grey eyes in your dream and you know the person, the chances are that the person adores being flattered.

Gray Eyes Ignite Competition

The research proves that people with grey eyes are a lot more competitive than all the others. So, if you are trying to win at anything, then your team should involve as many people with grey eyes as possible.


Babies Are Born With Grey Eyes

It is a fact that all the babies are born with grey or blue eyes. However, as a baby grows, the eye color tends to change. So, it means that all people are born with the rarest eye color, but not all of them are allowed to keep it.

Gray eyes – the most mysterious eyes of all. Do you want to learn more about this astonishing eye shade? You have come to the right place!

FAQ: Gray Eyes

What ethnicity has GREY eyes?

Gray eyes are typically found among people who are of European ancestry, especially northern or eastern European. Even among those of European descent, gray eyes are pretty uncommon numbering less than one percent out of all human population.

What colors make grey eyes pop?

For that you might need to figure out what shades of colors you can see besides grey, look at your eyes at daylight.

  • If you can see blue, apply eyeshadows with an orange undertone: brown, copper, peach combined with a blue or coral shimmer on the inner corner.
  • If you see green: use red undertones like red-brown, pink, maroon, purple or plum.
  • You can use silver, charcoal, black with a nude lip to enhance your grey eyes.