Thoughtful And Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend For Any Occasion

Gifts for girlfriend are an essential part of developing loving and healthy relationships. They are not just some kind of an appreciation gesture toward your honey. By giving her the right gift, you will demonstrate how much you understand and love her. Of course, every relationship is unique. But who can deny the effect the gifts have on developing a deeper and stronger connection? The gift that is well-chosen will be even more special and appreciated.


Although, the available choices are so numerous that many people find it hard to pick the ideal gift for their girlfriends. That is why we have created this photo gallery.

Read on to discover gift ideas that are memorable, practical, and just awesome!

Photo Portrait Gift Idea

Source: ni_alexandrovna_ via Instagram
Photo Portrait Gift Idea #photo #portrait

If you are looking for a unique gift for girlfriend, consider giving her a photo portrait like the one shown here. This gift is original and romantic. And the most important thing is that it is about your relationship. That is, this gift will be truly meaningful for both of you.


Coupon Love Book

Source: kurafuto_id via Instagram
Coupon Love Book #love #cheapgift

A coupon love book is among thoughtful gifts for girlfriend because you can pick the coupons that will be specific to your relationship. There are various coupons available in stores. But you can also order custom-made coupons with the tasks that will make your girlfriend’s heart melt. Also, as you can see in this pic, the gift is quite cute.

Phone Case Gift Idea

Source: via Instagram
Butterfly Phone Case Gift Idea #phonecase

A phone case is among the most useful gift ideas for a contemporary girl. Plus, it’s a smart way of protecting your previous gift – the phone. We know that feeling when you see her phone fall when she takes it out of her purse with her freshly painted nails. Your heart must be sinking at that moment.


Creative Cup Gift Idea

Source: magictangle via Instagram
Painted Cup Gift Idea #cupgift

Just look at this adorable cup! Giving your girlfriend such a present is always a win-win. A cute cup is a practical gift that will also bring a smile on her face every time she drinks something out of it. So simple and so smart at the same time!

Unicorn Slippers Gift Idea

Source: cachita.deco via Instagram
Unicorn Slippers Gift Idea #slippersgift #unicorn

A unicorn is a mystical and magical creature that has supernatural powers. So is your sweetie. And her power is in her ability to make you the happiest person on the planet. As you can see in this pic, unicorn slippers appear amazing. Tell her that they are enchanted, and they will bring her good luck – let her believe in miracles.


Perfume Gift Idea

Source: viktorandrolf_fragrances via Instagram
Perfume Gift Idea #fragrance #perfumegift

Talking about awesome gifts for girlfriend, perfume is definitely among them. Just make sure that you pick the right scent. If you are unsure which scent is her favorite, ask one of her friends for advice. And here is a tip for the brave men who think they could guess it: don’t.

Mini Instax Camera

Source: palloma_amorim_ via Instagram
Mini Instax Camera #techgift #camera

This mini Instax camera is a perfect gift for a person who loves capturing the beauty everywhere they go. The modernized versions are lightweight and have the prints of high quality that develop right away. That is another example of a practical gift. She will thank you!

Fun Bluetooth Speaker

Source: meonshop via Instagram
Fun Bluetooth Speaker #tech #bluetoothspeaker

In case your sweetheart is really into listening to music, she will appreciate such a gift. In this picture, the Bluetooth speaker is designed in bright colors.


Cute Power Bank Gift Idea

Source: shilladfs_en via Instagram
Cute Power Bank Gift Idea #techgift #powerbank

A power bank is a truly incredible gift idea for your girlfriend. Remember all those times when you tried to call her, but her phone was off? Yes, someone spends too much time on social media. With such a smart gift, she can enjoy her time on the web and also pick up the phone any time. And look at this fun, girly design!

Jewelry Gift Idea

Source: yaninajewelry via Instagram
Jewelry Gift Idea #rings #necklace

Here is a rule to remember: in those cases when you do not know what gift to pick for your sweetie, buy her a piece of jewelry. And the great news is that you have so many options. If you don’t have much money, you can purchase a single piece. And in case you are ready to splurge, give her a set encrusted with some gems.

Flowers Gift Idea

Source: shopamourlesfleurs via Instagram
Flowers Gift Idea #redroses #flower

Flowers are among timeless and romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend. Let her open her eyes the next morning and see a beautiful floral installation presented by you in front of her. How do you think, what will she feel at that moment? We have the answer – happiness.


Candle Gift Idea

Source: boy__smells via Instagram
Candle Gift Idea #cheapgift #candle

A candle is a classy gift idea for women, something that is pretty and practical. She can use a candle as a piece of décor. Or she can light it and enjoy its relaxing aroma. That is why it is advisable to pick aroma candles over scent-free candles.

Creative Socks Gift Idea

Source: teegly via Instagram
Creative Socks Gift Idea #cheapgift #socks

Sometimes we need some ideas of cheap gifts for girlfriend. Such ideas will come in handy if there is no special occasion but you wish to give her something nice. Give her socks but be creative! The socks in this pic have a fun design.

Glitter Keds Gift Idea

Source: urbanoutfitters via Instagram
Glitter Keds Gift Idea #goldglitter #glittershoes

Is your girlfriend the real fashionista? Then why not give her glitter keds? In this pic, you can see the shiny gold glitter. But there are so many colors available. Pick the ones that will be to your girlfriend’s taste. She will love them!


Sexy Lingerie Girlfriend Gift

Source: boehm.intimates via Instagram
Sexy Lingerie Girlfriend Gift #bra #panty

Sometimes when it comes to gift-giving, we want to bring joy not only to her but to ourselves, as well. And sexy lingerie is among such gifts. Such surprise gifts for girlfriend will be especially appropriate for your anniversary or Saint Valentine’s Day.

Classic Watch Gift Idea

Source: nixon via Instagram
Classic Watch Gift Idea #accessories #watch

A watch is a great gift idea. But take into account her level of income when you give her one. In case she is a college student, there will be no disaster if you buy her a stylish but inexpensive watch. And if, for example, she is a successful attorney, it will have to be expensive.

Rose Gold Girl’s Accessories

Source: atelielacorosa via Instagram
Rose Gold Girl’s Accessories #rosegold #brushholders

Rose gold things are all the rage these days. In this pic, you can see a rose gold diamond light fitting, unicorn dish, tray, brush holder. Everything is so chic in this color!


Practical Bag Gift Idea

Source: cachita.deco via Instagram
Practical Bag Gift Idea #magicbag

Is your girlfriend a shopping obsessee? In that case, why don’t you buy her something that would be not only eye-pleasing but also practical? An iridescent shopping bag will help you kill several birds with one gift – show her that you care for her, encourage her guilty pleasures and make her look the trendiest among her BFFs when going hunting for clothes and other goodies.

Shimmer Makeup Bag Designs

Source: cachita.deco via Instagram
Shimmer Makeup Bag Designs #makeup bags

Though, you should not limit yourself only to a shopper for her girlie stuff. You can proceed with a shimmering makeup bag, where she can keep all her treasures. Besides, they come in such a wide range of colors that you will definitely be able to match her tastes, mood and even a shopping bag.

Heart Backpack Gift Idea

Source: cachita.deco via Instagram
Heart Backpack Gift Idea #backpackgift

Is there a better way to tell her about your feelings through a gift than presenting her with something that has a heart on it? A holographic backpack with a heart design is one more practical yet romantic present that demonstrates your commitment and deep love.

Save this article, and you are covered for the next year when it comes to gift-giving. More inspo and tips are waiting for you on our blog. Check it out!


FAQ: Gifts For Girlfriend

What should I not give my girlfriend as a gift?

  • Live animals.
  • Training equipment.
  • Household appliances.
  • Vulgar stuff.
  • Clothes.
  • Plush toys.
  • Wrong jewelry.

Is it bad luck to give a mirror as a gift?

Umbrellas and mirrors are unfortunate gifts as they create a sense of alienation.

Can I gift perfume to my girlfriend?

Perfumes are personal gifts. Do not give this to your girlfriend until she is confident of what scent she likes. Never buy her perfume as a gift unless she makes her choice with you.