EXPERTISE: Nail technology, education, management
LOCATION: Victoria, BC, Canada
EXPERIENCE: Nail Tech/Educator/General Manager for Ugly Duckling Nails
About me:
My name is Chrystacle and I was born and raised in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada. I am a single mom to my beautiful daughter that I am very proud of. When I am not thinking about work, I enjoy going out for Sushi and watching movies with my daughter. Growing up my favorite sport was soccer, and I played competitively on the Gold team for years. As of recently I have found a new love for weight training and kickboxing! With my job as a Nail Tech/Educator/General Manager for Ugly Duckling Nails, it can take a toll on my body sitting all day, so I enjoy the physical activities that keep me healthy, even though I can't wear the beautiful long nails when I kickbox! My passions lie within the Nail industry, supporting nail techs through education, supplying quality products for professional use only, and building relationships. You can visit Ugly Duckling Nails for your next nail session with the price from $15- all the way up to $500.

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