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House Plants To make Air In Your House Much Cleaner

Either you are an experienced indoor gardener, or just an amateur, you probably already know that some house plants have air purifying properties. Place several plants in your room to deal with the harmful chemicals in the air.

We have a collection of 18 indoor plants that can make your apartment become a safer place.

Photo 1-6: Air Purifying House Plants

Golden Pothos are very popular plants because it is easy to grow them; they are durable and look attractive, especially against the chevron pattern background. You should grow them in a spot where there is no draft, but much indirect light, and proper ventilation.

Peace Lily can reduce carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde – the harmful gases that can be present in the air. This plant needs refreshed soil, so it is advisable to repot it every year.

Rubber plant can turn into a very large tree if it receives the proper care. It suffers without indirect warm light and the right amount of water.

Photo 1: Golden Pothos
Photo 2: Peace Lily
Photo 3: Rubber Plant

English Ivy is a superb climber that can cling to anything. It prefers organically rich soil and shady areas.

Snake Plant is a very tolerant plant because it looks fresh even if you neglect it for a long time. It makes the air clean as it removes toxic benzene and formaldehyde.

Aloe Vera leaves can heel cuts, sunburns, burns, and rashes. This plant loves sunlight, and it feels ok if the climate is dry.

Photo 4: English Ivy
Photo 5: Snake Plant
Photo 6: Aloe Vera

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