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Whynter built-in 18 bottle wine cooler

The Whynter BWR-18SD 18 bottle wine cooler is perfect for those who are looking for a built in wine cooler to enjoy the wine cooler drink. The wine cooler has ventilation that is in the front instead of the sides. This is what makes it capable of being kept in a cabinet. It has a black body with a stainless steel door. The tempered glass protects the wine inside even if you have put it in a place where the sun hits the glass.

There is a display in the inside which can help you control the temperature and the humidity. The only thing is that it uses a compressor system for cooling which means the wine cooler is louder than the others I have mentioned in our review. While a compressor allows you to choose a larger temperature range, the noise may be a little louder than thermos-electric based cooling systems.

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Avanti 18 bottle dual zone cooler

The 18 bottle dual zone cooler from Avanti is another wine cooler that is great for wine collectors. The perfect design with a black body and stainless steel rim make it a great choice. The clear glass door along with shiny shelves makes it look great as well. Because it is a dual zone cooler you can choose to cool different wines to two different temperatures.

This has thermos-electric cooling which means it is not noisy.

Table with gutter for keeping wine chilled

The wine gutter is a simple and easy way to keep your wine chilled when you throw an outdoor party. It is great for family picnics too. Nelson Byrd Woltz is a landscape architect and he designed a picnic table with a gutter which can be filled with ice so that you can keep your wine chilled.

The gutter is built into the table and is made of galvanized steel. Located in the centre of the table, the gutter can accommodate many wine bottles at one time so that you can enjoy your outdoor party without worrying about the wine going warm. While we are calling these tables wine coolers, you can keep a host of drinks which includes beers as well.

In fact any liquid that you want to keep cold, even olive oil or apple cider vinegar can sit in the table gutter. These tables can either be purchased, or you can build one on your own. If you are not inclined to DIYs then purchasing a table is the best way to go about owning one of the tables.

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