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A Dozen Struggles of Women With a Resting Bitch Face

You’ve lived every single day of your life being asked if everything is alright. Not many people who asked you this knew that you’ve been carrying the resting bitch face of yours since the day you came in the world. I’m not really sure about the struggles my parents faced as they raised me with a face that looked like hell had broken loose, but here is a list of struggles that I have faced with my resting bitch face. 

12 Struggles of Women With a Resting Bitch Face

1. Friends and Family Worry That I’m Having a Bad Day

But I’m just going through the day like anybody else. My face just looks like that and it is good if you get used to it fast or else you are always going to end up with the wrong assumptions about me. Most of my family has accepted me as I am and my friends are usually able to tell the difference. 

12 Struggles of Women With a Resting Bitch Face

2. I Try to Tell a Joke But People Take it Too Seriously

When I wonder how to be awesome, telling jokes is the first thing that comes to my mind. I’ve almost given up my endeavours of telling a joke, because most of them end in serious faced looks. People keep trying to figure if I told a joke or not. My bitch face has nothing to do with the joke, so listen to the joke, don’t look at me to decide whether you should laugh or not.

3. People Think Nothing Makes Me Happy

Totally untrue! I have a pretty awesome life and I like a lot of things like chocolates, flowers, shopping. The list may even be longer than yours. At times I am also drawn to mundane things like the cigarette smoke. For the moment, I have no reason to hate that smoker.

4. It Is Hard to Make New Friends

All beautiful women have a difficulty in making new friends, but it’s even harder for those with a resting bitch face. New friends come very rarely into my life because almost everyone I may try to befriend thinks that I am a bitch. While I am being very honest about what I am, I feel that people need to look deeper than just the face.

A dozen struggles of women with a resting bitch face

5. People Are Scared of Me

People who do not know me, the bitch face force them to think that I would shout at them the moment they approach me. While I have given up convincing people that I have a demeanour that is most probably calmer than theirs, I can assure you that I have no intentions to lash out on anyone.

6. People Ask Me to Smile More Often

I do not go around offering suggestions about what you should do with your face and I do not need any suggestions about mine either. I am thinking the idea is to live and let live. So do not bother about my face and do not tell me again how frequently my face needs a smile.

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