The food you eat plays an important role in your body’s health and fitness. It is peremptory that your workout regime is accompanied by a healthy diet. We have a list of foods that will help you stay in shape when you work out. We have mentioned which foods are good to have before a workout and which ones are good for you after your workout. Follow our guide for what to eat before and after a workout.


What to Eat Before a Workout?

1. Whole Wheat Toast With Sliced Banana and Cinnamon

Foods high in carbs are the healthiest foods to eat if you are gearing up for a workout. For you to do it right, you must have a mix of complex as well as simple carbs. This will ensure that the release of energy is gradual through your routine. Whole wheat toast is easy to digest. When it is combined with fruits, it gives you both simple and complex carbs.

If you wonder how this helps, the complex carbs will allow you to work out without losing your stamina while the banana helps to add extra energy. If you are training for a race, then a banana is helpful because it ups the potassium levels. When you sweat, the potassium levels usually drop. The banana helps you keep going for longer.

A dash of cinnamon added to your dish will be a great bonus because cinnamon is often associated with stabilizing the blood sugar levels and enhancing brain functions.

2. Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix

Being among the most effective fat burning foods, yogurt along with trail mix can give your body the boost it needs during a workout. Additionally, yogurt goes easy on your stomach and helps in digestion. When choosing a mix, go for something that is nut or dried fruit based. Keep it as low in fillers as you can. The extra boost that we were talking about is provided by the healthy sugars in dried fruits.

Workout often leads to the drop in the insulin levels. The seeds and nuts will help you keep you insulin levels from dropping while you are in the middle of the workout.

You must remember to eat the right amount of seeds and nuts, because they are high in fat. This means that it takes your body longer to digest them. If you have too much of these before a workout, you may end up feeling sluggish.


What to Eat Before a Workout?

3. Smoothies

If you want something that you can have on your way to the gym, then a smoothie is your best go-to food. Smoothies have the added benefit of being time-friendly. You have the option of blending your own smoothie, which can be beneficial for your health.

The best way to whip up a smoothie is to use your favorite sliced fruits and add a cup of Greek yogurt and some granola. You will end up with a smoothie which has a thick consistency and is very healthy.

If you are not into doing it yourself, then pick the one which is made of whey and milk-based proteins. The proteins you get from the smoothie is enough for your workout session.

4. Oatmeal With Fresh Fruit

Oatmeal is perfect for workouts. It helps you by gradually releasing sugar into your bloodstream. When you add fruits to your bowl of oatmeal, you will be able to increase the fluid content of your body. It helps you by keeping you hydrated throughout your workout.

5. Apple Wedges With Almond Butter

Apples are good for the health. We have known this for centuries now. So, eat an apple to help you avoid a sugar crash in the middle of your workout session. Additionally, you will add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your diet with the apple.

To make it more filling, cover your apple wedges with some almond butter. It helps you keep away hunger and adds energy to help you through your workout.

What to Eat After a Workout?

Thinking what to eat after workout? We will explain it here.

1. Grilled Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

Now when your workout is over, your body needs recovery, and it is best to fill it with some nutrients. The lean protein along with carbohydrates in chicken will fill you and you will not feel bloated.

The vegetables in your meal will help you add nutrition to your diet. You will be able to stay in shape with this food after your workout.

2. Veggie Omelette With Avocado

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and they help in muscle recovery as well as growth. For an even better recipe, instead of the usual scramble, add some vegetables and make an omelette. Garnish with some avocados. Avocados are a great source of fibre and mono-saturated fats.

Avocados also help you absorb the nutrients from the veggies in a better way. The vitamins in your vegetables are stocked with antioxidants which are very good for your body.


What to Eat After a Workout?

3. Salmon With Sweet Potato

Salmon is rich in proteins, but that is not it. Salmon also has bioactive peptides which are small protein molecules. They play an important role in reducing inflammation, regulating the insulin levels in your bloodstream and they also give you joint support.

The sweet potatoes are high in complex carbs and it also helps you build up your depleted glycogen levels after your work out.

4. Whole Wheat Tuna Fish, Hummus and Spinach Sandwich

If you work out during the day, then this sandwich will be great after your workout session. Tuna is rich in proteins and carbs and it is low in calories. Hummus is high in fiber and is better than mayonnaise or mustard.

Spinach is a complete powerhouse of nutrients and it helps reduce inflammation, curbs your appetite and also lowers blood pressure. A mix of the three on your whole wheat bread is a great way to fill up on nutrients after your workout.

5. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is becoming one of the most popular drinks post a workout session. People prefer it over water and other sports drinks, as well. So what makes it so good? It has most of what your body needs after a workout. The carbs and proteins aid in muscle recovery while the water content replaces the fluids that you lose in the form of sweat. You also add calcium, sodium and sugar to your body with the chocolate milk. It helps you recover faster and gain energy after you work out.

These are some of healthiest foods to eat for those who work out. If you build up your energy the right way and make sure that you do not lose your stamina during the workout, it is good to focus on what to eat before and after a workout. Remember to eat well so that you can exercise without falling short of energy. Filling up well after the workout session is important for you not to end up feeling sluggish.

FAQ: What To Eat

What not to eat when you are working out?

  1. Fast food.
  2. Flaxseed.
  3. Sugar.
  4. Spicy foods.
  5. Protein bars.
  6. Eggs.

When should I eat after exercising?

Whether you choose to eat before or after working out, make some smart meal choices afterward. Protein is required for muscle repair, whereas carbohydrates replenish glycogen, or energy stores, in your muscles. It’s best to eat within 20 to 30 minutes of finishing your workout. If that’s not possible, strive for within one hour.

Can I eat banana during workout?

Bananas are also excellent digestive aids, in addition to the other vitamins and minerals they contain. They may assist you in starting your workout. Additionally, when you exercise regularly, your glycogen store depletes, while banana helps to avoid this by refilling your muscles’ glycogen stores.