What are the health benefits of bananas

Discover What Are the Health Benefits of Bananas?

Banana is the cheapest great fruit that most of us consume very casually. But this is not just a simple fruit rather packed with numerous benefits and once you go through this article, you will definitely find it worthy to pick a bunch of bananas during shopping. So, you might be eager to know actually what are the health benefits of bananas? This is described below in detail.


1. Aid Digestion

Health benefits of banana are numerous. For example, banana is a very helpful fruit to help you in easy digestion. Rich in pectin, bananas can easily flash out the heavy metal from body thus aiding digestion. If you are suffering from constipation, have banana as high amount of fibre in it can normalize the motility whereas in case of diarrhea, banana again does a great job by restoring the lost electrolytes. Also this cheapest fruit works as a natural antacid thus helping in acid reflux, GERD and heart burn. The chances of stomach ulcers are reduced by banana as it creates a coat in the stomach thus protecting it against corrosive acids.


2. Fight Cancers

Bananas are among the healthiest foods to eat. Health benefits of banana are not limited to digestion, rather it has a wide array of benefits and most of the people will be shocked to know that banana can deal with with cancers. A recent study by Japanese animal research has proved that fully ripped banana is needed to produce a compound called tumor necrosis factor that works to enhance the white blood cells count and improves immunity and combat against cancerous cells. Banana can help you from kidney cancer as well. So eat this fruit on a regular basis and stay safe.

3. Good for Skin

What are the health benefits of bananas? This is a big question to many. But when the actual benefits are known them, definitely this banana will be a must have fruit in their diet chart. Not just banana rather its skin too comes in great help to treat acne and psoriasis. Peel the inside of banana skin and rub it politely on the affected area. Continue this everyday and after few days of use, it will definitely improve the skin condition. Banana skin is also helpful to reduce wart. Same way rub the banana skin’s inside on the wart and it will heal wart.


4. Supply High Amount of Potassium in Body

Potassium is a mineral needed in high amount by our body as it can maintain the proper functioning of heart and make our heart healthy. Also potassium plays a vital role to regulate the normal blood pressure by lowering high blood pressure. Not just that but this mineral is needed by our body for good health of bones and potassium and banana is a fruit that can supply great amount of this mineral to our body. So, it is good to have at least 1 or 2 bananas per day.

5. Rich in Vitamin

Banana can supply good amount of vitamin B6 and C in human body. The role of vitamin B6 must be known to all. It produces haemoglobin to promote healthy blood, breaks down amino acid, maintains the blood sugar level and generates antibodies thus improving the immune system. So, our body needs great amount of vitamin B6 every day and a 6 inch banana is able to supply a great amount of that needed vitamin B6.


6. Rich in Minerals

Our body needs all types of minerals in proper amount just like vitamin for maintaining a proper body functioning and banana contains all the needed minerals such as iron, iodine, manganese, magnesium, selenium and zinc. So, why not eat one or two bananas everyday when your body gets all the vitamins and minerals from this one source.

7. Rich in Antioxidants

The list of what are the health benefits of bananas is huge that will prove you wrong if you consider that banana is just a fruit for monkeys. Apart from vitamins and minerals, human body gets great level of antioxidants also from consuming banana which help in keeping safe us from various harmful free radicals that can cause harmful diseases.

8. Lower Body Temperature During Fever

Banana has a calming property through which it can clam down our irritating stomach and aid digestion. But this calming property is helpful in fever as well. A banana can lower the body temperature to a great level during high fever. So, this simple and convenient fruit acts as a natural remedy for various diseases thus keeping you healthy.


9. Help in Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a big addiction and quitting this habit sometimes has various effects on body. But again banana has a great role to play here as this fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B which altogether help you in speedy recovery from those effects of quitting smoking.

10. Protect Against Type II Diabetes

Already mentioned that banana is rich in vitamin B6 and this is the reason this fruit is able to keep you safe from various diseases. Bananas protect us against type II diabetes and reduce swelling. It also aids in weight loss and strengthens the nervous system.

So, the health benefits of banana are numerous and you can be benefitted from this simple fruit in various ways. Not just the fruit rather the skin is also helpful and sometimes the stem of banana comes in great help to cure disease like urinary disorders, kidney and liver function. You can have this fruit alone or mix it with other fruits or else have it with yoghurt for best result.

So, do not forget to include this fruit in your shopping list next time you go for shopping.