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Movie Themed Wedding Cake Toppers

Both of you are in love with movies? Do you have a favorite one? Use it as your wedding cake topper! We are not joking, see for yourself!

Sugar Iron Throne

Sugar Iron Throne #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Surely there are many Game of Thrones lovers among those who are getting married. That is why an iron throne topper can be quite symbolic. Long rain the king and the queen of Seven Kingdoms!

Source: sugar_mama_grenoble via Instagram

Falling In Love With Star Wars

Falling In Love With Star Wars #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Another epic movie that so many people are in love with is Star Wars. If that is your poison, there are also Star Wars wedding cake toppers that will help you celebrate your devotion to each other as well as to ageless cinematography.

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Fairytale Castle For Princess’s Wedding Cake

Fairytale Castle For Princess’s Wedding Cake #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Every bride is a real princess on her wedding day. That is why using Disney wedding cake toppers will only intensify the fantasy. A perfect castle on a gentle and elegant cake will make you feel head over heels with love and happiness.

Source: disneyweddings via Instagram

Wedding cake toppers are getting a new twist these days. There are so many ideas to think about and to give a try to. Set traditional topper ideas aside and have a closer look at these exquisite ideas we gathered for you!