Does He Really Love Me? Answer 10 Questions to Learn if It's True Love

You think you have finally found true love. You met this awesome, amazing guy and you have so much in common. You think he may be falling for you as well, but you’re really not sure. While it’s easy to tell when a woman is in love, signs of true love from a man are not as obvious. You are driving yourself insane wondering how he really feels.


Are you afraid of falling in love? Have no fear. Men are not that difficult to figure out. You just need to know the signs. If it really is true love you will be able to tell. Here are some helpful signs of true love from a man to help you out. Just ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not he is really into you.

1. Does he spoil you and buy you lots of gifts?

To tell him about your feelings, check out our list of quotes about love. However, first you should figure out if he feels the same. So, if a guy likes you he will show you by going out of his way to spoil you. He will buy you little gifts or send you flowers or candy. He will remember your favorite restaurant or let you play your favorite music in the car. He may even cook for you or plan a special romantic evening for just the two of you. He may surprise you with a romantic getaway. If you notice he is starting to do extra little things to show his feelings, than it just may be true love for him as well.


2. Have you met his family yet?

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If you have been dating for a while and he wants you to meet his family, than you can bet that he is serious. Meeting his family is a definite sign of true love from a man. It shows that he is ready to take it to the next step. It is especially serious if he starts including you on family events and inviting you to spend the holidays with his family.

3. Does he call you often? Or text you throughout the day?

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If he calls you often or texts you frequently, then he is totally into you. Men are not big on communication in general, unlike women, who are known for being especially chatty. But if your man takes the time out of his day to call your or text you just to say hi or check up on you than he is starting to get serious. This is a surefire sign that he really likes you.


4. Does he remember little details about you?

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Men tend to be more forgetful than women. We remember every detail of every conversation we’ve ever had, but men tend not to absorb information the way we do. So if your man pays attention to little details and remembers little things about you, then you can bet that he’s falling in love. If he remembers your favorite color, or your favorite song, than it shows he was paying attention to you.

5. Do you hang out with his friends?

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If he is really into you, he will introduce you to his friends as well as his family. He will start to include you on outings with his peers. If he is really into you, he will let you into his inner circle. This is not only his way of showing you that he is serious, he is also letting his friends know that you are now an important part of his life.


6. Is he affectionate?

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Women are generally more affectionate than men, but you notice that he is starting to be more affectionate toward you, especially in public, it is a clear indicator that he wants to be with you. If he is starting to sit closer to you or hold your hand more often than you can be sure that he has strong feelings for you. A man will be more willing to show affection if he is ready to be in a committed relationship.

7. Does he confide in you?

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If you notice that he is starting to open up to you more, you can safely say that he likes you. Men are not as open as women so if your man is starting to tell your personal details about his life, this shows that he trusts you.

8. Is he willing to compromise?

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A man who truly loves you is willing to both give and take. He is willing to bend the rules and let you have your way. If he is asking you where you want to go on a date or listening to your suggestions then he is starting to get serious. It shows he cares enough about you to compromise and build a more meaningful relationship.


9. Does he make you a priority?

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A man who is really in love will put his woman first. You will notice that you are starting to take precedence in his life. He will want to spend more and more time with you. He will make you feel like you are the most important thing in his life.

10. Does he talk about the future?

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You will know for certain that it is true love if he is starting to talk openly about the future. If he is talking about plans for the holidays or perhaps planning a vacation with you in the future than you know that he is taking the relationship seriously. Especially if he is talking about buying a house, moving in together or possibly even marriage. Men do not open talk about future plans with a woman unless they are sure they are ready to make a serious commitment.

Does He Really Love Me?

So ladies, there you have it, signs of true love from a man. See, it really isn’t that hard. If he truly loves you, he will show you in little ways. Simply pay attention to the signs and then you will be able to tell if he is serious or just out to have fun. If you can answer yes to the above questions than it just might be true love!


FAQ: True Love

Is true love real?

Yes, rumors say that true love is real. Some people may experience it several times in a lifetime while others don’t. True love must pass the test of time, it means feeling secure and calm next to your loved ones. It means supporting each other. True love isn’t about passion, it’s about stability.

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

It is important for a man to feel physical attraction, sexual compatibility and as a result emotional connection. Everyone wants to be able to fully trust their partner and to have a common plan for future.