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Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Drinking green tea can help regulate glucose levels which will slow the increase of blood sugar. This prevents spikes in insulin levels. Again, simply by eliminating sugary drinks, you are already greatly reducing your sugar intake.

Helps Lower Cholesterol

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea can greatly reduce the levels of bad cholesterol while also boosting the rate of good cholesterol in your bloodstream. The more green tea you drink, the better your cholesterol levels.

Can Help Promote Dental Health

One of the most surprising benefits of green tea is that is actually good for your teeth. It can help prevent cavities by reducing acidic and bacterial levels in the mouth due to its high antibacterial properties. Also, due to the high level of antioxidants, it acts as an an anti-inflammatory and may help reduce and prevent gum disease. It is also proven to help prevent loss of tooth enamel and fight bad breath as well.

Can Help Prevent Dementia

Green tea can help restore damaged brain cells as well as protect brain cells from deteriorating and dying. It has been proven beneficial in preventing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Can Help Ease Digestive Issues

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has also been proven to help ease digestive issues such as heartburn, IBS and Colitis. The anti-inflammatory properties in green tea have also been proven to help prevent colon cancer and other stomach issues as well.

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

Green tea naturally contains an amino acid called Theanine, which has a calming effect on the brain and can greatly reduce levels of anxiety and depression. If you drink green tea daily, it can boost your mood and decrease your anxiety.

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