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Top Benefits of Green Tea

Although green tea has been around for centuries, it has only recently become a superfood for both health and weight. There are countless benefits of green tea from cancer prevention to weight loss to blood pressure control. Not only does it taste great, but it is a healthier alternative to sugary beverages such as soda, fruit juice and energy drinks.

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

In this article, we will provide the leading green tea benefits for your health. Green tea is high in antioxidants but lower in caffeine than coffee or other teas. It also contains a great amount of flavonoids which can help with anti-inflammatory issues and aid in preventing certain types of cancer. Read the following to find out these and other green tea benefits.

The health benefits of green tea are very numerous. Studies indicate that you can consume up to twelve cups of green tea a day in order to receive the full effects of the health benefits of green tea. It also comes in a capsule form as well. Not only is green tea beneficial as a beverage, but it is one of the primary ingredients in both natural face masks and skin care products. Simply placing a green tea bag under your eyes can help reduce dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes. Green tea has so many benefits, so why not put down that soda and brew yourself a relaxing, refreshing cup of green tea instead?

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Aids in Weight Loss

Green tea can help weight loss. Not only are you cutting calories and fats from your diet by substituting green tea for sugary beverages, but green tea has many positive effects on weight loss which includes boosting your metabolism and burning fat as well. Green tea contains high amounts of polyphenol which increases fat oxidation levels as well as the rate at which our bodies process food into calories. Simply replacing sugary beverages with a glass of green tea can greatly help with weight loss.

Helps Fight Cancer

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14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

With its many detoxification benefits, green tea has been proven to reduce and prevent growth of cancerous tumors. It also contains high levels of polyphenols which have been proven to help prevent breast cancer. Studies over the years have indicated that green tea benefits in reducing the risk of esophageal cancer as well and can greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer among males.

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