14 Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

Top Benefits of Green Tea

Although green tea has been around for centuries, it has only recently become a superfood for both health and weight. There are countless benefits of green tea from cancer prevention to weight loss to blood pressure control. Not only does it taste great, but it is a healthier alternative to sugary beverages such as soda, fruit juice and energy drinks.


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In this article, we will provide the leading green tea benefits for your health. Green tea is high in antioxidants but lower in caffeine than coffee or other teas. It also contains a great amount of flavonoids which can help with anti-inflammatory issues and aid in preventing certain types of cancer. Read the following to find out these and other green tea benefits.

The health benefits of green tea are very numerous. Studies indicate that you can consume up to twelve cups of green tea a day in order to receive the full effects of the health benefits of green tea. It also comes in a capsule form as well. Not only is green tea beneficial as a beverage, but it is one of the primary ingredients in both natural face masks and skin care products. Simply placing a green tea bag under your eyes can help reduce dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes. Green tea has so many benefits, so why not put down that soda and brew yourself a relaxing, refreshing cup of green tea instead?

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Aids in Weight Loss

Green tea can help weight loss. Not only are you cutting calories and fats from your diet by substituting green tea for sugary beverages, but green tea has many positive effects on weight loss which includes boosting your metabolism and burning fat as well. Green tea contains high amounts of polyphenol which increases fat oxidation levels as well as the rate at which our bodies process food into calories. Simply replacing sugary beverages with a glass of green tea can greatly help with weight loss.


Helps Fight Cancer

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With its many detoxification benefits, green tea has been proven to reduce and prevent growth of cancerous tumors. It also contains high levels of polyphenols which have been proven to help prevent breast cancer. Studies over the years have indicated that green tea benefits in reducing the risk of esophageal cancer as well and can greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer among males.


Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Drinking green tea can help regulate glucose levels which will slow the increase of blood sugar. This prevents spikes in insulin levels. Again, simply by eliminating sugary drinks, you are already greatly reducing your sugar intake.


Helps Lower Cholesterol

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Green tea can greatly reduce the levels of bad cholesterol while also boosting the rate of good cholesterol in your bloodstream. The more green tea you drink, the better your cholesterol levels.


Can Help Promote Dental Health

One of the most surprising benefits of green tea is that is actually good for your teeth. It can help prevent cavities by reducing acidic and bacterial levels in the mouth due to its high antibacterial properties. Also, due to the high level of antioxidants, it acts as an an anti-inflammatory and may help reduce and prevent gum disease. It is also proven to help prevent loss of tooth enamel and fight bad breath as well.

Can Help Prevent Dementia

Green tea can help restore damaged brain cells as well as protect brain cells from deteriorating and dying. It has been proven beneficial in preventing Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Can Help Ease Digestive Issues

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Green tea has also been proven to help ease digestive issues such as heartburn, IBS and Colitis. The anti-inflammatory properties in green tea have also been proven to help prevent colon cancer and other stomach issues as well.


Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

Green tea naturally contains an amino acid called Theanine, which has a calming effect on the brain and can greatly reduce levels of anxiety and depression. If you drink green tea daily, it can boost your mood and decrease your anxiety.

Helps Promote Good Heart Health

Drinking green tea regularly can help prevent heart disease as it helps the blood vessels of the heart to relax and also helps keep blood clots from forming. Green tea has been proven to help prevent atherosclerosis.

Can Regulate Blood Pressure

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Studies have indicated that those who drink a lot of green tea have a lower risk of high blood pressure.


Promotes Brain Health

Recent studies have indicated that green tea can enhance both memory and cognitive function. It has just enough caffeine to boost your energy and brain function, without sending you over the top, like coffee and teas that are contain higher levels of caffeine. Who doesn’t want to be more alert and intelligent?

Boosts Your Immune System

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants which can help bolster your immune system so you can fight off colds and infections. Drinking large amounts of green tea have been proven to greatly boost the immune system.

Promotes Skin Care

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Green tea can also slow the signs of aging and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is due to the high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is one of the most popular ingredients in natural skin creams and face masks. It is also believed to help reduce the effects of sun damage.


Can Help You Relax

The Theanine in green tea can not only reduce depression and anxiety, but if can help you relax and feel calm after a long day at the office. Simply make a cup of green tea an hour before bed and you will feel calm and relaxed before going to sleep!

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