Top Florida Beaches

The 10 Top Florida Beaches

If you are planning to spend the upcoming vacation in a beautiful and amazing beach, nothing can be a better option than the Florida beaches. The beaches in Florida are so wonderful that they are able to keep you occupied for the whole day. This sunshine state has around 825 miles beaches and all of the beaches have won its visitors’ heart successfully. Whatever you are looking for, from the wild beauty of beaches to the urban sophistication, your eyes can witness everything altogether. Here we are listing about the 10 top Florida beaches. Read on to discover the top beaches of Florida here.


Palm Beach

This is one of the best Florida beaches located at the easternmost. There are a number of palm trees, majestic tress, sprawling resorts and high end hotels lined at the beaches. Even you can enjoy several historic landmarks as well there. Do not forget to visit the Flagler Museum that is the former resident of Henry Flagler. The food in the beach and Wine festivals are also too enthralling.


Key West

If you are a true lover solo travel and beaches, no doubt this one will look like a heaven to you. Situated at the most southern of the U.S. the Key West beaches are really enchanting to blow your mind instantly. Whatever you want starting from sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling can be done here. But no lifeguards are available so get down in the water for swimming at your own risk. You can go for fishing as well if wish but nude and topless bathe are not legal here. And if you want to enjoy a romantic escape, then take rent the 2 person glass bottom Kayak and you will feel like heaven.

Sanibel Island

Those having a passion to collect seashells can consider the place for their next trip. This is one of the top Florida beaches that is also known for its best shelling site filled with a number of abundant seashells. The population of this place is less so if you are planning for a relaxing vacation, this is the best beach for that. This white sand beach has clean blue water. Sanibel beach is also an award winning beach for being the best shelling location.


Atlantic Beach

Atlantic beach is one of most beautiful beaches situated at the northern site of Florida which has to offer white sand that is as soft as sugar. Lined with so many hotels, boutiques and galleries it allows you to take pleasure in a busy and fun based life. Just take a small drive from Jacksonville and it will take you to this amazing beach.

Siesta Key beach

Siesta key beach is another one of the best Florida beaches that is situated in between the Gulf of Mexico and Roberts Bay. From the downtown of Sarasota you are required to cross a small distance and you will reach this amazing place. This beach is just perfect for the family vacation that is filled with playgrounds and so many picnic areas. But if you are looking to spend your time in a romantic way, rent a cottage or else go for the candlelit dinner in the restaurants located at the beach.


Clearwater beach

This is one of the best Florida beaches that has to offer a lot to its visitors starting from endless happiness, entertainment, various outdoor activities and of course the natural beauty. This is the white sand beach that has crossed 100 years recently. Activities such as parasailing, fishing excursion, Dolphin watching cruise and volleyball you can enjoy at the fullest. To capture the amazing sunset, walk till the end of the famous pier 60. This happens all through the year, so whatever is the season you are bound to enjoy the scenic beauty.

South beach

The crystal blue water of this beach is wonderful. This beach is actually made by men to offer you a rowdy life. This international playground offers high end shopping, luxurious boutiques hotels and a very busy nightlife. It also lets you enjoy the amazing sunrise that is accompanied by a colorful cloud and blue sky. Topless bathing is allowed here. Go in the morning to take the deep breath of air and feel the natural beauty.

Naples beach

It lets you enjoy excellent fishing experience alongside the pier. This beach is located at the Southern Florida that has around 10 miles sandy beach. Snack bar, bait, outdoor showers and restroom are available in numbers. This one too lets you catch the spectacular sunset from the end of the beach while you can spend your whole day sitting at the beach by seeing the rolling waves.


Captiva Island

Captiva Island, located near the Gulf Coast of Florida is sometimes connected with Sanibel Island at the south. It’s all about the outdoor activities such as biking, riding, fishing, boating and more. It has a magical feeling that attracts the visitors like magnet. You might witness giant frog there while a restaurant will make you feel that you are going through the Christmas time.

The white sand and blue water beach is like a paradise that lets you enjoy the amazing sunset at the end of the Captiva Island.

Delray Beach

Filled with so many seafood restaurants, Seagate hotels, spa and boutiques this is very family friendly beach that lets you enjoy various fun activities. Take some time out from this 2 mile long beach and have a look at the Atlantic avenue. Sailing, surfing, snorkeling and paddle boarding are some of the activities that you can enjoy in this beach. So, plan for a trip in this one of the top Florida beaches with your family and enjoy the upcoming vacation.

So, here are the 10 best beaches of Florida that will make your vacation highly memorable.