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Easy Poses and Useful Tips for Using Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat

According to doctors belly fat is one of the main reasons behind men getting heart attacks and strokes even before the age of 40. For women the side effect of stomach fat is even worse. Belly fat prevents them from conceiving. Even if you are able to conceive a baby, having excess stomach fat always makes pregnancy more difficult. But forget the difficulties that are associated with stomach fat. It also does not look good especially if you are trying to wear trendy clothes. Gym is not for people with a weak lower back. Yoga to lose stomach fat is advised by the doctors to the people who have weaker bone density.

So, all people can practice yoga to lose stomach fat. If you are thinking about starting yoga, but do not know where to begin with then here are 5 yoga asana for the beginners. Regular practice of these poses at home will not only get rid of belly fat, but also help in making your body look more toned. Here are 5 yoga poses to lose stomach fat. But before we begin describing the yoga poses one very important thing to remember is that, since all these poses will directly put an impact on your belly area, it is better you do these exercises in an empty stomach. The best time is after waking up in the morning. 

5 Tips for Using Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat

1. Boat Pose

Buy convenient yoga pants before you start practicing yoga. Although it might seem unimportant to you, but you’ll soon understand that it is. And it’s better to use a soft yoga mat, too. So, to do boat pose first lie down flat on your back.  Then take a deep breath. Keep taking deep breaths for 4 to 5 seconds. Now make sure that your legs are absolutely straight. First lift both of your legs and only lift until you can comfortably. Then start lifting your upper body. Again lift as much as you can without losing your breath. Now try to touch your legs with both of your hands. Hold the position for 5 seconds. Do not expect to get this right on day one. But if you keep practicing this pose daily then your stomach fat will start to melt. In a month you will be able to do the perfect boat pose. 

5 Tips for Using Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat

Warning: This exercise is not for people who are suffering from high cholesterol or blood pressure.

2. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is one of easiest yoga to lose stomach fat. Almost anyone can do this pose. Place the yoga mat on the floor. Now lie down on your back, your legs will be stretched. Put down both the arms near your shoulder. Now try to lift your upper body. On the first day you will be able to lift only a little. But by the first month you will be able to bend until your waist. When you will be able to do that then all your body pressure will be on your stomach. This will help in making the stomach flat. You have to hold the Cobra pose for couple of minutes. This exercise can be done twice a day. 

5 Tips for Using Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat

Warning: Don’t do this while you are on your monthly period.

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