Tricks And Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Have you always longed for shiny, gorgeous hair like Rapunzel or any other Disney princess? It may seem impossible to achieve that long silky hair you have seen on all the television ads for shampoos and other hair products. However, if you simply modify your daily hair routine, you can achieve that look with practice and some patience. In this article, we will give you some helpful tips to make your hair grow faster to achieve the look you have always wanted.


Begin With a Proper Diet

Increase Your Protein Intake Source: maria__way via Instagram

Protein intake is among the most effective tricks to make your hair grow faster. You may think that having healthy hair solely depends on which hair products you are using. Having a healthy diet can also help your hair grow strong and can prevent breakage. Eating a healthy amount of proteins such as beans, whole grains, fish and nuts can help make your hair stronger and prevent hair loss.

Avoid Trendy Diets and Cleanses

Avoid trendy diets and “cleanses” to make your hair grow faster. Though they may seem like a quick and healthy weight loss fix, they are actually depriving your body of important vitamins and nutrients. Cleanses especially can dry out your skin and damage your hair. You will notice a decrease in your hair growth, and your hair will seem limp and lifeless. It is crucial that you do not deny your body of the proper nutrients needed for good health.

Drink Lots of Water

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Water is beneficial for many reasons. It helps the body flush out toxins, keeps your skin hydrated to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and it also helps keep your hair shiny and healthy. Drinking an average of 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day will keep your hair stronger. Hydrate it so it can grow faster and not break.

Take Your Daily Vitamins

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Simply adding a multivitamin that contains vitamins such Vitamins B, C, D and K and biotin can help support the health of your hair. You can look for a vitamin that is labeled “for healthy hair, skin and nails.”

Simply taking a few small steps to improve your overall health is also one of the best tips to make your hair grow faster.


Shampooing Hints and Tricks

Avoid Washing Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair every day strips your hair of the natural oils that keep your hair hydrated and promote healthy growth. It is only necessary to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week, as long as you don’t have an excess buildup of hair products that can cause dandruff and itchy scalp. You should also wash your hair with lukewarm water as opposed to hot water, as hotter water causes more breakage because it weakens your roots.

Always Use Conditioner

A healthy conditioner as well as a diy hair mask can help replenish the natural oils that are washed away when you shampoo your hair. Make certain that you are using a conditioner that compliments your hair type. You don’t want to use a hair conditioner designed for oily hair if you have dry hair, and vice versa.

You should add a hot oil treatment to your weekly hair routine. These need to be left in your hair for twenty minutes or so, depending on which treatment you use. Hot oil treatments are good for restoring natural oils, preventing dry ends and breakage and promoting healthy hair growth.

You should always rinse your hair with cool water. Hot water may feel more relaxing, but it dries both your skin and your scalp. Rinsing with cool water will help seal the hair follicles and strengthen your hair to prevent shedding and breakage.

Drying and Styling Tips

Do Not Wrap Your Hair in a Towel

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Wrapping your hair in a towel may seem like a convenient way to help dry your hair, or at least keep it out of your eyes, but it is actually damaging to your hair. Your hair can stick to the fibers in the cotton towel and break off. It also damages the fine hair “or baby bangs” near your face, as they are sometimes called. It is recommended that you use a towel to gently pat your hair, do not rub it or wrap it tightly as these cause breakages.

Avoid Applying Heat to Your Hair

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Blow drying, using hot curling irons and rollers and strengtheners can severely damage your hair. They add extra heat to your hair which causes dry and itchy scalp, dry hair follicles and breakage. It is better to let your hair air dry or use a salon style dryer. If you must blow dry your hair, do so on the lowest setting possible. Use heat free straightening irons and curling irons to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Avoid Brushing Your Hair

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Brushing your hair frequently causes more damage than it does good. It makes your hair frizz and break. Always use a wide tooth comb or better yet, your fingers. If you must brush your hair, start from the ends and work upward towards your roots, gently. Brushing your hair downward causes tangles and breakage. Most people lose more hair while brushing it.

Pay Attention to Your Styling Products

Not every hair product has the same effect on everyone. We all have different hair types and genetic make-up. Your hair may not react well to sodium laurel sulfates, which are found in most hair products. Also, for those who have a gluten sensitivity, pay close attention to the products you are using as wheat or soy may be one of the key ingredients. Also, if you have allergies you may want to avoid scented products. Pay attention to how your hair feels after using a specific product. If you notice your hair feels unhealthy or you are starting to shed more, you might want to try a different hair product. And expensive doesn’t always mean better. On the same token, you don’t want to go with the cheapest product either. Find out what works best for you and stick with it.

Trim Your Hair Every Six to Eight Weeks

While getting your hair cut does not necessarily cause your hair to grow faster, it does eliminate split ends, which cause breakage. You don’t need to get a lot cut off each time, just an eighth of an inch. Hair averagely grows about half an inch a month so getting an eighth trimmed off every six to eight weeks won’t even be noticeable, but it will help keep your hair happy and healthy.

This simple guide on how to grow hair tips can help you have that healthy, shiny, long hair you have always dreamed about. Keep in mind, this is not a miracle cure and your hair will not grow magically overnight. However, if you follow these easy steps, you will notice an improvement in your hair’s health in no time at all!