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Make Him Jealous

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Make Him Jealous To Make Him Want You #makehimwantyou #love #relationship

When other guys flirt with you, tell him about it rather than hide this fact. Firstly, when other guys like you, it proves that you are really pretty. It will make him aware that he is better than others because you are with him. Other guys want you, but can’t get you – it’s so sexy for him. Secondly, jealousy is always a great trigger of sexual desire. Make him a little jealous, and he will want you more.

Get In Shape

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12 Simple Tips on How to Make Him Want You

Even though it seems to be obvious, but your man will definitely want you more if your shape is perfect. “But he should love me the way I am…” In reality, almost all men love skinny girls. Yes, it’s the result of the harmful effect of media on men’s preferences. But it’s true for now, and we should learn how to live with it. So, keep to a diet and go to the gym.

Show Him That Your Life Is Great

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12 Simple Tips on How to Make Him Want You

You need to show your boyfriend that your life is interesting, happy, and full of events. So, if he has other plans for tonight, he should be aware that you won’t be staring out the window and crying. Instead, you have plenty things to do. And maybe even you will have more fun without him. The moment he realizes it, he would probably want to cancel his plans and spend time with you. Tricky, but so effective!

Simple Tips on How to Make Him Want You