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Feed His Ego

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Simple Ways On How To Make Him Want You #makehimwantyou #relationship #love

Of course, this is pretty obvious, but it’s a definite must to make a guy desire you. Compliment him on his looks. Text him at night and say you are thinking of him. Tell him how much you miss him. Don’t overdo it so it looks needy or sappy, but make him feel good about himself and the relationship.

And, it can’t hurt to flat out tell him “I want you.” This is a foolproof way how to make a guy want you.

Send Him A Picture

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12 Simple Tips on How to Make Him Want You

You don’t have to send him revealing pictures to get his attention, but sending him an occasional selfie will make him think of you. Again, don’t overdo it, don’t flood his inbox with hundreds of selfies of you eating food or partying with your girlfriends. Send him a sexy photo, but don’t make it too revealing, leave a little mystery. This is a surefire way to make him want you.

Dress Up

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Dress Up To Make Him Want You #lingerie #relationship #love

Buy that sexy red dress or that lacy black negligee. Treat yourself to a new outfit. Splurge on a new hairdo or a mani-pedi. If you are normally a t-shirt and jeans girl, show up in a mini skirt or dress that shows off your adorable figure. Accentuate your best features. Wear your favorite heels. You will feel more confident about yourself which sends out good vibes and it can’t hurt if it turns him on in the process!

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