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Best Things to Do in San Francisco When You Are There

San Francisco is a city which always has something in store to cater to every person’s need. From walking through an artificial rainforest to walking among the clouds, from visiting a park made for two to exploring the city in Vintage cable cars, it has it all. Home to the country’s biggest Chinatown as well as boasting some impressive options for a great night out we’ve got you all covered on some of the best things to do in San Francisco.

Best and Unique Things to Do in San Francisco

Walk Through a Living Rainforest

A must in your what to do in San Francisco list, the California Academy of Sciences is considered as the world’s greenest museum and is one of a kind facility which combines aquarium, planetarium, natural history and scientific research all in here. The complex dome is anchored by a four – story rainforest that is home to butterflies and birds and also consists of a ‘living roof’ which houses over 1.7 million plant species which is a stunning spectacle.

Dine at the City’s Oldest Restaurant – Tadich Grill

If you have a dainty tooth, then this restaurant is one of the best places in the world to visit. Established in 1849, it is the city’s oldest restaurant where everyone from a white – collared politician to an eager tourist visits there. Dip into some of the traditional dishes such as sour dough bread, Hangtown Fry and Crab Louis. The best about this place is that there isn’t any reservation system and you will be served as you come. Expect a line at the door, but it’s all going to be worth it at the end.

Roller Skate in a Church – yes you read That Right!

One of the most unique things to do in San Francisco is this modern day roller disco which was formerly a catholic church. Put on some skates and glide along the rink’s inner perimeter. There are different themes for four different nights of the week such as the Rainbow Night, Old School Rock, Date Night and Black rock on the days which hosts open skates.

Walt Disney Family Museum is another attraction which opened by Walt Disney’s oldest daughter Diane in 2009 offers you an insight to the great man’s work and his life. Exhibits date back to the day starting from Walt’s high school yearbook all the way to his death in 1966.

Take a Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

An iconic feature of the Western Coast and the world’s most photographed bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge never ceases to amaze us and looks even more stunning when it plays hide and seek with the cloud and mist. It has two 746 feet towers, complete with hanging cables soar up to become a prominent part of the city skyline. One can access the bridge any time on a two-wheeler and eastern sidewalk tours are from 5 am-6.30 pm. This is a must-feature on your what to do in San Francisco wish list.

Best and Unique Things to Do in San Francisco

Explore the City’s Smallest Park – the Jack Early Park

A park built exclusively for two and built among a tangle of trees a zigzag of steps leads to the Jack Early Park. The area is covered by a small square platform, a vintage lamppost and a seating for two. From here overlook the Fisherman Wharf and sea lions, smell the delicious seafood being cooked up or just soak in surroundings, it’s a feast for your senses.

Stroll through the Golden Gate Park

Known as the backyard for the dwellers of San Francisco, it covers a total area of 1020 acres which includes walking and hiking trails, a Japanese Tea garden, lakes and a number of museums. Popular places of interest include the de Young Fine Arts museum, the beach chalet and park chalet which offers stunning views of the ocean and great local food.

Climb Secret Stairways and Explore Unchartered Territory

A total of around 400 stairways connect the 42 hills of San Francisco tucked away in parts rarely ventured to. From here you get stunning views of the city and among which the secret Macondray lane and the Lyon Street stairway- built in 1920 to connect Cow Hollow to Pacific Heights are the most popular.

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