Thigh exercises are not necessarily difficult and time-consuming, believe us. You can soon have very sexy legs if you stop being lazy and do at least one of the exercises every day. We have picked the easiest exercises that can help you to tone your legs.


How Long Does It Take To Tone Thighs?

First things first, you need to realize that everyone is different, and the exercises that work for some women faster may take longer for the others to show some result. Generally speaking, if you are making lunges, then you can notice a result in a fortnight. However, it also depends upon the fat layer on your legs. The more fat there is to burn, the longer it will take you to tone your legs. The professionals suggest that it is best to combine leg exercises with cardio exercises, such as a treadmill or elliptical machine, running or swimming to speed up the toning process.


What Exercise Burns Leg Fat?

If you want to burn some fat on your legs, you should start with these exercises:

  • brisk walking
  • stair climbing
  • uphill walking
  • running
  • cycling
  • hiking

Thigh Exercises: Wall Squat

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So, which exercises are really helpful in losing weight? For example, try Wall Squat. This exercise is quite beneficial because it helps you to burn much fat. During this exercise, your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, and the core muscles work to stabilize and support the upper body.


Thigh Exercises: Lunge

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This exercise is great because it helps you to improve the balance, functionality, glute activity, and core stability. Moreover, it increases hip flexor flexibility and even deloads your spine.

Thigh Exercises: Pivoting Curtsy Lunge

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This exercise is really helpful in reducing your thighs. It happens because when you do this exercise, you activate your quadriceps, gluteals, gastrocnemius, and soleus.


Thigh Exercises: Ball Squeeze

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It is advantageous to use a ball when exercising because it helps to activate more muscles, decrease your back pain, and even make the core stronger. And if you do not have a ball, you can use a towel instead.

Thigh Exercises: Low Lunge Hover

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This exercise is beneficial for people who suffer from sciatica because it stretches leg muscles and hamstrings. Besides, it tones as well as strengthens your hips, abdomen, shoulders, knees, arms, and legs.

Thigh Exercises: Stair Climber

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Stair Climber does not only tones and tightens your buns and thighs as well as the whole musculoskeletal system, but it also fights stress and aids sleep. Moreover, this exercise helps to prevent many diseases, for example, cancer, obesity, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.


Thigh Exercises: Chair Squat


This exercise makes you feel the move in the calves, hamstrings, and quads. And you can even do it at work!

Does Walking Reduce Leg Fat?

In fact, there are many benefits that a daily walk can bring into your life. Apart from tones thighs, calves, and core muscles, you will improve your heart health as well. Walking is probably the fastest way to burn leg fat and to tone the legs too. Also, if you add a healthy diet to the picture, you will end up with a healthier and slimmer body in almost no time.

What Should I Eat To Lose Thigh Fat?


It Is All About The Calories

In the majority of cases, it is not enough to work out hard to deal with excess body fat. You need to pay attention to your diet too. Very often, people think that the less they eat, the better they will look. However, what matters is not the size of your meal but the number of calories it contains. That is why you need to pay attention to the calorie intake that is advised for you. It may seem quite difficult at first, however, once you learn which foods are good for you and which contain fewer calories, you will be able to compose a healthy diet plan on your own. Nevertheless, if you are aware of any health conditions that you may have, then you need to talk to your doctor first.

Healthy Food Is A Lot More Versatile Than You Think

There is a popular opinion that healthy food is tasteless and limited. However, we are going to prove the opposite with this list:

  • Vegetables and fruits – these are low in calories and fat products that you need to add to your diet.
  • Sweets – this is something you should cross off your list if you want toner thigs.
  • Water – is the key to solving many problems, and the issue of excess weight is surely on the list.
  • Protein – think about chicken, cheese, fish, whole-grain bread. These are high in protein products, and they sure taste delicious.
  • Healthy carb – you may be surprised, but not all the carbs are bad for you. Such cards as brown rice, barley, buckwheat, and other whole-grains are great for you.

Now, when you have a list of what to eat and what to avoid, all that is left is to learn to cook your meals. Homecooked dishes are a lot healthier than any takeout, you can trust us on that!

FAQ: Thigh Exercises

Can flabby inner thighs be toned?

Resistance exercise can help you tone and fill out flabby inner-thigh areas while also building muscles. Exercises that require the action of your inner thigh muscles should be included in your resistance training routine. The seated hip adduction is the easiest to practice and has the least impact on your body.

What foods cause thigh fat?

Pasta, white rice, and bread, as well as pastries, sugary drinks, and desserts, are the worst offenders. These foods cause blood sugar levels to rise and then drop quickly. Hunger and a desire for more junk food are always present.

Why won’t my inner thigh fat go away?

By skipping squats at the gym and limiting carbs, you have all chances to lose stubborn inner thigh fat. If you practice a healthy low-carb diet with insufficient carbs, your body will begin to burn more fat.

  • This is a partial list of weight training exercises organized by muscle groups Source
  • With some effort and diligence, you can have sleek toned thighs – all it takes is a little time. Source