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Teal Color For Bright Makeup

Accents in a deep or light teal color are often used in makeup these days. And it’s possible to go wild, for instance, apply teal lipstick. Or add just a hint of teal – apply eyeshadow or eyeliner in this hue. It all depends on your preferences and the occasion.

Teal Color Eyes Makeup

Source: swayzemorgan via Instagram

Teal Color Eyes Makeup #eyesmakeup #makeupforblueeyes

Who says that you can’t pick eyeshadow in a teal color if you have blue or blue-green eyes? This model rocks it! Teal blue is a shade to consider if you wish your eye makeup to stand out. Complete the look with sparkling eyeliner and false eyelashes like shown in this pic.

Teal Color Lipstick

Source: glambymeli via Instagram

Teal Color Lipstick #teallipstick #mattelipstick

That’s something unexpected, yet, totally fabulous. This lip makeup look will work for those who wish to spice up their image. And the great news is that lipstick in a hue like this will compliment any skin tone. Just carry the lipstick with you to maintain the color throughout the day. And yes, some people may react in a weird way when they see you. So what? They just know nothing about fashion.

Teal Color Ombre Eyeliner

Source: molliexjayne via Instagram

Teal Color Ombre Eyeliner #tealeyeliner #eyesmakeup

Eyeliner in a vivid hue like a teal green color shown here has been in for some time already. Reminiscent of the 1980-s, makeup with teal eyeliner is taken to another level today. It’s because it is often paired with unexpected eyeshadow shades, like a bronze hue in this pic.

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