What Is A Teal Color And How You Can Use It In Your Life

In its essence, a teal color is blue green but darker than aqua and cyan hues. It can be created by combining green and blue pigments with white. Do you know that this color got its name from a duck called Eurasian teal that has a blue-green stripe on its head? People started using teal when referring to this hue back in 1917. The word itself has Middle German and Dutch roots.


Teal is a blend of stability peculiar to blue and healing qualities along with optimism peculiar to green. Teal is often associated with spiritual and mental balance, restfulness.

Read on to discover ways of making this bright and saturated hue a part of your life.

Teal Color Décor Ideas

Nowadays it’s quite popular to use teal tones in décor. This hue has a rare quality – the ability to grant drama as well as elegance to the interior. Plus, teal goes well with many hues. So, it won’t be difficult to decide what to pair it with. The most outstanding combinations involve metallics, blacks, yellows, and pastels.


Teal Color In Living Room Decor

Source: heals_furniture via Instagram

When decorating your interior with a dark teal color, there is an exciting trick you can observe in this pic. It’s using both glossy and matte textures, which grants a totally unexpected effect. The glossy teal sofa looks so vibrant against the matte teal wall.

Teal Furniture For Your Room Decor

Source: eskeinterior via Instagram

A teal color is often used as an accent in interior designs. As you can see in this pic, teal armchairs appear quite splendid against grey colored walls. Teal makes the room appear brighter.


Teal Vases Designs – To Add Bright Accents

Source: ixorahome_stuff via Instagram

In case to achieve that wow factor you don’t want to go big on a teal blue color, you can always opt for smaller accents for your interior. Such small glass vases can be placed anywhere – on shelves, tables, windowsills and act as subtle yet creative accents in your home.

Teal Color For Wedding Inspiration

Being a blue green color, teal can be used for wedding ceremonies that take place any season. You should only match it with the right hues. For instance, pair it with pastel pink if it’s summer and with gold, if it’s winter or fall. Teal and silver is an elegant combo, and teal with copper or red will work great for a wedding on the beach.


Table Set Décor With Teal Color

Source: bbjlinen via Instagram

Look how nicely teal incorporates in table set décor. You can pick this color for napkins, glasses, candle holders or tablecloth. Such a table setting will make your event seem more formal and refined. It will be perfect for a wedding reception and soiree.

Teal Color For Bridesmaids Dresses

Source: juliegreerphotography via Instagram

Look at these fabulous dresses for bridesmaids in a blue green color. The teal colored satin finish adds a somewhat vintage touch to the design of these dresses. And it’s a nice idea to pick various neck shapes. Who says that the dresses must be completely the same?

Teal Color For Wedding Cake

Source: mytuscanwedding via Instagram

If you wish your wedding cake to truly stand out, go for a stylish teal color. In case teal vs turquoise is an issue, we’d recommend that you ask professionals for help. Only experienced bakers are capable of granting you the exact teal hue. Plus, it’s important to think about the cake décor elements. In this pic, the frosting in a teal hue is complemented with light colored flowers and subtle-green leaves.


Teal Color For Bright Makeup

Accents in a deep or light teal color are often used in makeup these days. And it’s possible to go wild, for instance, apply teal lipstick. Or add just a hint of teal – apply eyeshadow or eyeliner in this hue. It all depends on your preferences and the occasion.

Teal Color Eyes Makeup

Source: swayzemorgan via Instagram

Who says that you can’t pick eyeshadow in a teal color if you have blue or blue-green eyes? This model rocks it! Teal blue is a shade to consider if you wish your eye makeup to stand out. Complete the look with sparkling eyeliner and false eyelashes like shown in this pic.

Teal Color Lipstick

Source: glambymeli via Instagram

That’s something unexpected, yet, totally fabulous. This lip makeup look will work for those who wish to spice up their image. And the great news is that lipstick in a hue like this will compliment any skin tone. Just carry the lipstick with you to maintain the color throughout the day. And yes, some people may react in a weird way when they see you. So what? They just know nothing about fashion.


Teal Color Ombre Eyeliner

Source: molliexjayne via Instagram

Eyeliner in a vivid hue like a teal green color shown here has been in for some time already. Reminiscent of the 1980-s, makeup with teal eyeliner is taken to another level today. It’s because it is often paired with unexpected eyeshadow shades, like a bronze hue in this pic.

Teal Color For Nails Designs

If you wish to sport cool and trendy manicure, go for teal nail polish! It will definitely make your mani stand out. Plus, it’s an awesome vivid accent for your image.

Simple Teal Color Nails

Source: nailsonthames via Instagram

Manicure in a teal hue will work great for any season. In this pic, you can see a simple look with no additional elements. It is a cute nail design for every day.


Sparkly Teal Color Nails With Crystals

Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram

It’s a glammed up nail design where all styles are incorporated. Mesmerizing chrome ombre embellishes the model’s ring finger. Crystals are used for the design on her middle fingers, while all other nails sparkle with glitter ombre.

Simple Sparkly Teal Color Nails

Source: katv865 via Instagram

With an exquisite hue like this, you don’t even have to master some intricate manicure techniques. This sparkly nail lacquer shade will do all the talking. Simple yet charming!

Bags Designs In Teal Color

Deep blue green bags are often used to spice up an outfit in subtle colors. Pair a teal bag with a black outfit if you wish to go classic. Or match a teal bag with violet, grey or saffron to go more dramatic.


Handbag In Teal Color For Everyday Use

Source: thebelleame.co via Instagram

This teal colored handbag is cool and eye-catchy. Overall, when picking a bag for every day, you should consider not only the color but also its size, shape, style, and material. Then you won’t even notice that the bag is with you.

Teal Color Clutch Design

Source: barirahmaddi via Instagram

This exclusive teal colored clutch is embellished with big teal colored gems placed asymmetrically. A clutch like this will act as an exquisite accent no matter what outfit you put on.

Small Backpack Design In Teal Color

Source: brittanymatyas via Instagram

A backpack is not only a pretty but also a convenient element of your image. This teal backpack is made of leather and has a zipper pocket besides inside pockets. The design looks stylish with the fringe adjusted to the zipper.

Now you know how to incorporate a teal color in your life. However you decide to do it, we are sure that you won’t regret. But don’t leave so soon – we have a lot more to offer. Stay around!