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Top 6 Amazing Surprises to Explore During the Disney World Vacation

The moment your kid will hear from you that you have planned for a Disney trip, they will start jumping in joy. To surprise your kid even more, keep it secret and let them enjoy the surprise. But if you have set a plan that how to spend time in the theme park, resort pools and rides in Orlando’s Walt Disney world, change the plan right now. As there are many more things to enjoy apart from the mentioned ones. We are explaining here some of the things that you can do during your Disney world vacation to make the trip more pleasant and memorable for your kids.

Instructed Fishing Excursion

Fishing excursion is another attraction of the Walt Disney World vacations. If you are thinking that this trip can only amuse your kids, then sadly you are wrong as there are many things in this place to amuse the parents as well.

During the best family vacations, under the shadow of Cinderella castle, you can go for a fishery excursion that is being managed very carefully and in a healthy way. The excursion starts from various resorts such as Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, Contemporary, the Boardwalk Inn and Downtown Disney. All the needed things for fishing such as fishing equipment, cold drinks, bait, etc. will be provided by them. But make sure you book it before and the excursion could be of 2 or 4 hours. Plan it beforehand and book according to that.

Top 6 Surprises to Explore During the Disney World Vacation

Scuba Diving at Epcot

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion is a salt water tank that is able to hold 5.7 million gallon water. Guests can jump into that water for exploring something more. In case you are scuba certified, you will be allowed to spend around 3 hours under the deep water with sea turtles, sharks and Dolphins. The journey becomes more memorable as you look through the Coral reef restaurants from the other side of glass.

There is no current in the salt water and the water is clear like crystal. Don’t feel low if you are not a certified scuba diver as children ages 10 and above can enjoy a tour for 40 minutes under water under the instruction.

Top 6 Surprises to Explore During the Disney World Vacation

Parasailing in the Bay Lake

Hook yourself with the multi colored parachute and fly as high as you can. Just behind the contemporary resort, tethered to the back of a boat the participants are unreeled into the sky above Walt Disney world where the motorboats start fading away and you are left with the blue sky to enjoy.

The view from there is just amazing; you will know that how high you have reached when there will be birds circulating around you. It lets you experience the whole Orlando. You can choose for the single flight or tandem flight for parasailing.

Top 6 Surprises to Explore During the Disney World Vacation

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