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Fishtail Braid

Source: dacialynnn via Instagram

23 Super-Easy Long Hairstyles Girls Will Love

You will love the way fishtail braid turns out. Though it may look confusing to some girls but with a little practice you can master the style. You should start the style by dividing hair into two parts. Then you need to pull a thin strand from the first part. First you need to pull it over the first part and add it under the second part. Repeat it alternatively until you see the fishtail.

French Braid

Source: Larafoxylocks via Instagram

23 Super-Easy Long Hairstyles Girls Will Love

French braid is quite mesmerizing style but it is one the best hairstyles for extremely long hair. It looks difficult but can be perfect with little practice. If you get bored with regular French Braid you can weave a ribbon in to the braid or use different accessories as per your choice.

Waterfall Braid

Source: Renewed Style

23 Super-Easy Long Hairstyles Girls Will Love

This braid looks really fabulous. At first it might be confusing. However, after practicing for several times, you will manage to do it within about minutes. The basis of this hairstyle is a French braid which is a bit loose. Don’t forget to spritz hair spray when the hairstyle is ready. And you can add any accessory, for example, a flower clip.

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