Creative Ideas with Storage Crates for Your Home

Storage Crates Upcycling Ideas

Do storage crates occupy way too much space in your closet or garage? Every time you see that pile, you probably think that it is time to get rid of them. But why waste wood that is so pricey? Read on to learn how to repurpose those old crates.


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Useful Storage Crates for Your Home

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Wooden Crates as a Bedside Table

Source: Modestly Creative Crafts, Crateyourhome via Etsy, Ecodecomobiliari

To create it, you will need several crates, six to eight, depending on the desirable height. Set up these storage boxes in any shape you wish. Maybe you need to adjust it to other furniture.


Furniture Made of Crates for Living Room

Source: Ecodecomobiliario, Madamelabroc, Lillyloutattylove vis Instagram Source: Design Sponge, Cashmere and Plaid, Le Blog de Bea

As, crates do not only adorn, but they also serve as furniture that might be useful for the closet organization or work space organization. Or, for organizing practically anything.



Storage Crates for Bathroom or Kitchen

Source: The Home Depot Blog, Hannas, Morning by Morning Productions

One of the easiest ways of upcycling crates is to turn them into a bookcase or any other cabinet. It’s for you to decide what to put inside when the project is ready.

Stylish Bookshelf Made of Crates

Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things, Maison de Pax, Holly Bruce

Rustic home decor is timeless, so crates made of wood will be a nice embellishment to your room and also give it a personal, creative touch. And they can serve you for so long.

Practical Shelves for Your Home

Source: Tara Michelle Interiors, Tableandhearth, Sweet Pea

You won’t even need plywood to construct this cabinet, just take screws, any finish, and a drill. Also, be very careful with the latter. And now you are all set, quite easy!

Organize Anything with Wooden Crates

Source: Dwell Beautiful, Ecodecomobiliario, Interiorsforlittleones via Instagram

We bet that the moment your friends see your wooden creation, they will ask for your assistance every time they wish to add a new farmhouse chic touch to their decor.


Storage Boxes for Children's Stuff

Source: Mr. Kate, What Does She Do All Day, Better Homes and Gardens

With the help of storage boxes, you can also create a very practical shelf where you can put anything, starting from some decorating items or plants, and ending with your shoes.


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