Best Spring Hair Colors for a Trendy Look

Ultimately Beautiful Spring Hair Colors To Try

Spring hair colors vary from more natural to more vivid this season, and that means that every babe can find the shade that will be true to her.


The spring always brings that urge for change, and we see no reason why not use that urge to your advantage.

If you agree that it is high time to refresh the color of your hair, then you have come to the right place. Here you can discover refreshing and trendy hair shades that will work great for the spring.

We can guarantee: several clicks, several pins, and you will run book an appointment at your favorite salon.

Beautiful Blonde Hair Colors for the Spring Season

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These blonde shades are in this spring. In general, ash blonde includes the tones like ice, champagne, silver, and platinum. These tones work awesome for babes who have the cool-toned complexion that has some reddish undertones in it. All these shades have the slightest tint of blue, and this blue tint counteracts the reddish tint in your skin tone. You can use this in your favor and rock one of these flattering shades like Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani once did. We have one important tip here: apply purple shampoo as well as conditioner at least once a week to prevent your blonde tone from becoming yellowish.


Soft Gold Blonde Shade to Make Your Hair Shine

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These spring hair colors in soft gold blondes look spectacular. Ladies with fair and cool complexions with bluish undertones would better go a bit warmer when choosing their ideal shade of blonde. When we talk about warmer tones, we mean butterscotch, amber, caramel, honey, or gold tones. Caramel or honey blonde tones can also work for babes with an olive or darker complexion with neutral undertones. In these cases, going extra ashy or light with their blondes might wash out their faces.

However, babes with the complexion that has some warmer undertones would better avoid going warm blonde as one of these shades can make them appear sallow. Applying the toner frequently can help your tresses not to turn into undesirably brassy.


Ginger Hair Color for a Bright Look

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Ginger hair shades fall somewhere between classic reds and strawberry blondes. A ginger shade involves more orange than strawberry blonde but less red than the classic red.

We recommend this color for the spring because, with this hair color, you will look stunning when wearing a coat and a feminine hat or a turtleneck sweater.


Saturated Red Hair Style to Rock

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Cool red shades include true red, burgundy, and auburn. They work great for babes who have a fair and cool complexion. If you have such a complexion, then your skin tone will pop rather than appear ruddy or flushed. In case your complexion is darker, choose cool auburn instead of warm red as warmer reds will make your complexion appear sickly or green-ish.

However, in case you have blue undertones in the fair complexion or neutral undertones, warm reds are to go for. Just choose your favorite shades from rust, amber, strawberry blonde, or amber.

For the color to stay vivid for a longer time, get special products for the color-treated tresses and do not skip regular touch-ups.


Pastel Pink Hair Color for a Breathtaking Spring Look

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Pastel pink hair shades are rather funky. You can pull off one of these spring shades in case you wish to sport a creative hair shade that will show off your artistic nature.

Pastel pinks can beautifully upgrade light blonde tresses if you wish to get a sophisticated and creamy tone. Don’t these locks remind you of a candy, being so pretty and so sweet? In case you would like to sport sweet pink tresses, we would recommend that you see a professional stylist who will lighten your tresses so that a temporary or permanent pastel pink shade could be achieved.

Amazing Pastel Purple Hair Colors

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Pastel hair shades can be so fun, don’t you agree? To achieve these mermaid hair shades, your tresses will require bleaching. Ensure that all precautions are taken to get the hair damage minimized. And do not forget about the further home treatment. The right treatment will help you deal with the consequences of bleaching. And you tresses will shine bright as normally.

Try one of these pastel purple looks to look like a jeweled goddess.

Beautiful Balayage Hair Styles for Natural Colors Lovers

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Balayage is something so modern. These multidimensional shades help get dynamic hairstyles with much volume and texture. Every balayage shade is one of its kind. Plus, balayage does not require frequent touch-ups as it grows out so beautifully. Although you do need to protect the color and prevent the appearance of brassy tones, but it won’t be difficult as the right products for your color-treated tresses will do the job for you.

Now you know which spring hair colors are trendy this season. We hope we tempt you and you will try one of these gorgeous shades to welcome the new season.