Best Places In the World to Visit

9 Best Tourist Places in the World to Visit With a Rich History

This is a list which may not feature some of the popular conventional destinations such as Disney Land, Miami or London which are extremely popular tourist’s destinations, but are not proffered by holiday-goers who want to seek themselves into a bit of history and all the glory that it has to offer. You can visit an array of sites from a wide cultural background keeping in mind the pyramids of the Egyptians and Mexicans or a Zen monastery in Japan or just the forts in Scotland or the colosseum in Rome. You can be assured of a magical experience when you soak them all in. Here are some of the best places in the world to visit that have a rich history.


1. Italy - as a Whole as Mentioning a Single City or Landmark Is Just an Insult to the Others!

Italy, with all that it has to offer cannot be explored in a lifetime and is among the best places to visit in the world. The Eternal city is an absolute must visit with its rich history of art and architecture evident in many of its churches, fountains and squares. There are many things that you can do in Rome such as a visit to the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain, visit the St Peter’s Basilica or simply visit Sicily where you can simply laze around all day by exploring the area and letting it all in.

Florence and Pisa are beautiful European cities that are perfect for exploring the grandeur of the country’s rich history. Also, indulge in some nocturnal activities in the form of nightclubs and fashion events in Milan or even go for wine tasting in the numerous estates in the Italian countryside.

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2. The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest among the seven wonders and the largest amongst the three pyramids and it was the resting of Khufu (Egyptian emperor). The smaller pyramids belonged to Menkaura. Standing at a height of close to a 150 meters, it was the tallest man-made structure for more than 3500 years. Each pyramid is a tomb which leads to a different one. Looking at these pyramids from a hilltop far away or experiencing them closely in a camel ride, you can be assured of a magical experience.

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3. Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

The pyramid of the sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan and is found between the Avenue of the dead and the Pyramid of the moon. It is the first true city in the Mesoamerica and at its peak housed more than 200,000 people. The city was abandoned in 750 AD due to a natural disaster and was founded by the Azecs again 500 years later. Pyramid of the Sun is the third largest pyramid in the world and stands at a height of 230 meters. The engineering marvels that these pyramids were in the yesteryears make visiting Teotihuacan a wonderful experience and is among the best places to visit in the world.

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4. Golden Pavilion, Japan

Probably one of the most recognized places of worship to be found in Japan, the outer portion of the temple is covered with gold. The architecture of the pavilion is also an inspiration for the Silver Pavilion Temple. It has a long and a tumultuous history since its inception in the 14th century and was burned down twice in the 15th century and again in 1950. But nothing can take away the splendor of this architectural marvel which stands proudly with glory and splendor.

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5. The Incan Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu was built in classic Inca style with elegant dry-stone walls. These are remaining of a lost city floating in the midst of clouds. The city was built in 1450, but was abandoned only a century later during the Spanish conquest. Machu Picchu remained hidden in the wilderness until it was re-discovered in 1911. Main attractions include Temple of the Sun, the Inti Watana and the room of three windows. You can also marvel at the remains from a hilltop and soak in the simplicity of the city and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain ranges.

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6. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the Cycladic islands which was devastated by a volcano, responsible for shaping the rugged landscape that we see today. A varied topography can be seen on the island complete with lush beaches, small villages and a steep terrain. People live in villages in white buildings, which is the signature of its popularity are quite close to each other. It is the perfect romantic getaway and is among the best places in the world to visit.

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7. Bimini - the Gateway to the Lost City of Atlantis, Bahamas

The island of Bahamas had been considered as the place where Atlantis would show up somewhere in between 1968 and 1969. In 1968, a group of subsea archeologists uncounted a paved road known as the Bimini road or Bimini wall, since then researchers and geologists have regularly visited the place and studied the rock formations underwater to discern whether the limestone deposits are a natural formation or man-made. The most striking feature detected underwater is the Bimini Road, which looks unique and its structure makes it look completely manmade. One can dive underwater and explore these mysterious ruins in clear visibility and be enriched with a unique experience.

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8. Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness is the biggest of the three lochs found in the Great Glen. It spans over a length of 23 miles and has a breadth of 1 mile. Its average depth of the water is 600 feet and the loch has a total holding capacity of 2 cubic miles of freshwater. Landscape in and around the Loch is filled with stunning views of nature with snowcapped hills and a number of historical monuments. One can also find a variety of places to stay to go along with some great pubs and cafes which truly makes Loch ness one of the best places in the world to visit.

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9. Stonehenge, England

Explore one of the best known pre-historic monuments of Europe by walking in the steps of your Neolithic ancestors. Step into the houses to gain an insight into the tools, activities and culture of Neolithic life.

The place includes a world class visitor center complete with 250 ancient objects and the remains of a 5500-year-old skeleton. Stonehenge is a world heritage site since 1986 and is one of the best places in the world to visit.

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