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17 Safe Places for Women Who Are Thinking of Solo Travel

Have you always longed to travel on your own? These days there is a lot of more for a woman to take into consideration when traveling solo. Some places are not even considered safe when traveling in a groups. There are even locations where who are traveling solo targeted as prey. So it is imperative that if you are considering solo travel that you do your research and get all the facts!

In the following article, we will suggest some countries that are the best places to visit in the world for travelling solo. For more safety, always remember to take any necessary precautions and always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your cell phone is always fully charged at all times and that you have emergency contact info wherever you are traveling. In these countries, solo travel is not only safe, but fun!

17 Safe Places to Solo Travel for Women


Austria is one of the safest places to visit in the world. Besides, who wouldn’t want to travel to the country where The Sound of Music took place? Picture the glorious mountains, adorable coffee shops and cafes and sites such as the Vienna Opera and Prater Amusement Park. Make sure to stop in Salzburg, especially if you like apple strudel and Mozart!

South Korea

If you are a fan of mud wrestling, be sure to visit Boryeong for the Mud Festival. Or if you are a nature lover, enjoy the serenity in Jeju Island. You can travel to Seoul to see the Cheonggyecheon Stream, or stroll through the enormous shopping malls. South Korea is much safer for solo travel than North Korea, but you can still experience the rich history and culture.


Thailand is the perfect place if you enjoy luscious sparkling white sandy beaches. If you are a foodie at heart, you will enjoy some of the finest food around, all made with fresh and natural ingredients. Thailand is an extremely affordable travel destination, even it’s 5-star luxury resorts are affordable. If you enjoy a good party on the beach, there is no place like Thailand to party with the locals!

17 Safe Places for Women Who Are Thinking of Solo Travel

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries for traveling solo, not to mention eco-friendly. With its peaceful beaches, volcanic views, and impressive wildlife, Costa Rica is the perfect spot for a yoga retreat, nature walk or a beach getaway. If you are a coffee lover you can check out some of the world’s most famous coffee plantations. Work on your tan and tantalize your tastes buds, Costa Rica is waiting for you!


If it’s the nightlife you are after, check out Chemnitz, Dresden and Leipzig. In addition to the exciting nightlife of these university towns, they offer a wide variety of history and culture including museums, zoos and art exhibits. Or you can go to the most commonly traveled Germany destinations such as Munich or Berlin.


If you are a lover of nature, Iceland is an absolute must for solo travel with it’s sandy black beaches, geysers, and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the Northern lights or take part in the exciting nightlife and happening music scene in Reykjavik. You don’t have to be a Bjork fan to appreciate the beauty and serenity of Iceland. 

17 Safe Places to Solo Travel for Women


One of Europe’s “hidden treasures,” Slovenia is nestled between Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. It is known for its spacious markets, cafe lined cobbles streets, quaint villages and romantic medieval towns. You will be totally safe traveling solo in Slovenia.


The Netherlands are one of the number one countries for safety when it comes to traveling solo. You can take a cruise down the canals in Amsterdam, and make sure to check out the markets in Maastricht, which is one of the oldest cities in Holland. The Netherlands are also known for the ski resorts so pack your skiing gear!

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