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Colorful Rainbow Idea

Colorful Rainbow Idea #rainbowtattoo

So far we have discussed only black simple tattoos, but that does not mean that you can’t add a little bit of color to your tiny inked design. The fact is that there are countless colorful ones that are both simple and tiny. For instance, a little but over the edge colorful rainbow will spice up any look.

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Tiny Hided Pet Tracks

Tiny Hided Pet Tracks #pettrackstattoo

Some pet owners decide to pay tribute to their beloved animals by depicting them on their bodies. If a full portrait of your fav cat is a little too much for you – a pair of cat tracks behind the ear is more than enough.

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Outline Lotus Flower

Outline Lotus Flower #lotusflowertattoo #lotustattoo

Women love flowers. There is nothing you can do about that but accept the fact. That is why if you are looking for simple flower tattoos – we have an idea stored up our sleeve. An abstract lotus outline is perfectly feminine, gentle, and unique. What do you think?

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Simple Geometric Tattoo Design With Triangle

Simple Geometric Tattoo Design With Triangle #triangletattoo #geometrictattoo

Geometric patterns are all over the fashion world, no matter which sphere you take. Of course, the sphere of tattoo art is not an exception. That is why so many people opt for simple geometric patterns when it comes to their minimalistic tattoos. Isn’t this simple triangle tattoo just adorable?

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Simple Falling Star Tattoo Idea

Simple Falling Star Tattoo Idea #fallingstartattoo

If you think that only a rainbow can be a fitting colorful tattoo when we talk small tattoos – you are mistaken. The thing is that a falling star with a colorful track behind it can be as colorful and bright, not to mention meaningful.

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Small Unicorn Tattoo Idea

Small Unicorn Tattoo Idea #unicorntattoo

Life is no fairy tale; we all know that. However, no one said that you couldn’t add a little magic to reality, right? Use a cute unicorn tattoo as your way to escape the reality at least sometimes!

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You will be surprised when you learn how many trendy and cute simple tattoos there are! We have gathered only the best of them in one place. Choose your idea and breathe life into it!